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12V To 24V Cable Installation Pack

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Kit Contents

1 x 10m, 230v 1.5mm 3-Core Armoured Cable
1 x Armoured Cable Grand Pack
1 x 20m, 6-Core Alarm Cable
1 x 10m, Flexible Conduit 20mm diameter
10 x Glands for conduit
2 x 15A 12 way Connector Strip
2 x 100 x 100 x 50 IP65 Junction Boxes
10 x Cables Ties
1 x Roll of Black Insulation Tape
1 x Mains Testing Terminal Screwdriver
Product Details Price Buy
12- 24V Installation Cable Kit
Installation Pack for a battery/low voltage powered gate automation kit.

£55.60 inc.vat
12v to 24v Installation Pack + 25m reel
12 - 24V Installation Cable Kit + 25m Armoured Cable Reel (230v) Consumer Supply to Control Board.

£113.02 inc.vat
12v to 24v Installation Pack + 50m reel
12 - 24 v Installation Cable Kit + 50m Armoured Cable Reel (230v) Consumer Supply to Control Board.

£164.74 inc.vat
12 - 24 v Installation Cable Kit + 100m reel
12 - 24 v Installation Cable Kit + 100m Armoured Cable Reel (230v) Consumer Supply to Control Board.

£245.99 inc.vat

Designed for use in low voltage power supply. These cables are provided with mechanical protection and therefore suitable for external use and direct burial.

Takes the pain out of shopping for these items individually and take advantage of our cable pack that includes all the items you need to install your gate automation system.

Available as a standard pack or with the option of a reel of armoured cable to allow you to fully complete the running of cable from your property to the electric gates.


Please see electronic cabling guide for required thickness of 3 core armoured cable reel (cable from power source down to the gate).


Current Rating: 23 Amps.

The Max current rating above is for XLPE insulated cables ( standard cable ) and not for just Pvc insulated SWA.

Conductor: Stranded or Solid Plain Annealed Copper.

Insulation: XLPE - Thermosetting Pvc Insulation.

Bedding: Extruded PVC.

Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire Armour.

Sheath: PVC Black.

Gate Automation

Please select what type of automation you require for your gate/s. Double & Single Swing refer to motors which attach to the gate and pillar of a swing motion gate. Double & Single Underground refer to motors which lay beneath the ground which attach to the hinge end of swing motion gates. Choose Sliding if you require lateral moving gate automation and Wheeled if you require a motor which utilises a wheeled motor to drive your gate/s.

Motor Voltage

There are two types of power outputs to consider - 24v & 230v. If you need a higher number of operations (opened/closed more than 5-6 times in an hour) during peak periods such as the morning and evening, then you may wish to consider a 24v system.

24v systems are more suitable for higher operation levels as they tend to run cooler than 230v gate motors. However, they do cost more in relative terms, so if you only need to open or close the gate 1-5 times an hour then a 230v system might prove more cost-efficient.

24v motors tend to be used on commercial premises, whereas 230v tend to be used on standard domestic properties. The exception to this rule is sliding gate motors where the reverse is true - 24v sliding gate automation systems tend to be for domestic use, 230v for more intense use (commercial/communal).

24v systems can draw power from battery backup systems meaning they can still operate during any mains power cut (a 230v or 3 phase system would need to be opened with a manual release key).

24v systems can also utilise solar power units as a means of charging batteries, allowing you to site gate automation in rural and remote locations where mains power is unavailable.

Specifications can be found for each product from their datasheet. Each datasheet is downloadable from each product page on this website.

Weight of Gate

All electric gate motors operate up to a maximum weight. This is so the gate will operate in a reliable and safe manner. It is essential to know the weight of each gate leaf in order to choose the correct motor for you installation. If you do not know the weight of your gate/s, send us a photo along with the gate/s dimensions and we can advise.

Gate Width

As with weight, gate motors are designed for gates within certain dimensions. The most important dimension is the width of the gate. To ensure you select the right motor to operate your gate you must know the width of each gate that requires automation.

Opening Angle

Each motor has a maximum angle to which it can operate to. Therefore it is important to note how far the gate needs to open in order for a vehicle to enter/exit safely.

Daily Use

The amount of times your gate is used per day is a determining factor when deciding on the right motor for your usage. Motors are designed to operate within a certain capacity (operations per day) so choosing a motor compatible with your desired use is essential for its durability. Select from the options below the number of times (open & closure = 1 x operation) the gate/s will be operated on an average day.