MyGate MyShark Motor Only - 230v/24v Underground Opener

Kit Contents

1 x Blank Motor (includes transmission lever)
1 x Override Key (for power cuts)
1 x Instruction Sheet
Blank Motor Only

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Product Volt Weight
per leaf
per leaf
per leaf
Type Price Buy
Shark 230v - Motor Only 230v 350 kg 110 3.0m Motor Only, Underground, Ambidextrous £233.58 ex VAT
£280.30 incVAT
RRP £428.80 incVAT
Save 34%
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Optional additional accessories for MyGate MyShark Motor Only - 230v/24v Underground Opener

Product Details Price Buy
Proteco Shark - Chamber Galvanised Powdercoated Black
Shark Galvanised Chamber NS (Powdercoated Black)
Proteco Shark Chamber (Foundation Box) Galvanised Steel, Black Powdercoated, New Style. £179.11 Add to cart
Proteco Shark - Chamber Stainless Steel
Shark Stainless Steel Chamber NS
Proteco Shark Chamber (Foundation Box) Stainless Steel, New Style. £267.91 Add to cart
MyShark (old model) release key
Shark Release Key NS
Proteco Shark - Release Key (New Style) for opening gates during powercut. £17.47 Add to cart

Shark Cover Plate Galvanised
Shark - Galvanised cover plate £76.80 Add to cart
Capacitor for Old Style Black/Charcol Junction Box Capacitor for Old Style Black/Charcol Junction Box £8.47 Add to cart
Capacitor for New Type Light Grey Junction Box Capacitor for New Type Light Grey Junction Box £8.47 Add to cart
Proteco Shark - Spare Transmission Lever
Shark Transmission Lever NS
Proteco Shark - Spare Transmission Lever £30.00 Add to cart
Proteco Shark - Spare Gate Leaf Support
Shark Gate Leaf Support NS
Proteco Shark - Spare Gate Leaf Support including release mechanism. £86.40 Add to cart
Proteco Shark - 180 Adaptor Kit (New Style)
Shark 180 Adaptor Kit
In-chamber mechanical adaptor. Allows up to 180 degree automation for gates using Shark underground motors. PLEASE NOTE - Single adaptor kit for one motor i.e. you will need to order two for a double kit if both gates require more than 110 of angle. £99.84 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This motor has 3 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 3 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

The MyGate Blank underground motor is our premier product offering the most visually and aurally discreet gate automation system; will open outwards or inwards if required and up to 350Kg per leaf.

Not sure if you need the old style or new style motor? Have a look at the PDF download on the top right of the page called "Old Style/New Style".

This motor is one of our most popular and is recommended for new and existing swing gates, up to 3 metres each, hung on posts or pillars. May be fitted to gates that open outwards or inwards. Opening angles up to 180° (angles between 90° - 180° requires optional adaptor) may be achieved dependent on gate hinge position.

The operators are non-reversible and therefore don’t need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed.

If you don't want unsightly above ground stops, then you could purchase the optional Opening Limit Stops & Closing Limit Stops which fit into the underground motor chambers to restrict the movement at the limits of travel.

The motor mechanics are buried within secure steel (choose from galvanised or stainless) underground foundation boxes so as not to compete with the aesthetics of your gates; all that can be seen is the steel lid covering the operator box and a very small unobtrusive operator attached to the bottom edge of the gate leaf.

As the motors are contained underground, environmental noise intrusion is minimal. Designed for an intensive use by using a die-casting structure made of quality aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel.

The fluid-grease lubrication system and the built-in thermal protection ensures a long-lasting working life in any weather conditions without the need for periodic maintenance.

Blank Installation

The minimum distance between the vertical centre line of the hinges and the inner face of the pillar is 65mm. There must also be at least 65 mm between the lid of the foundation box and the bottom of the gate.

Remember if fitting underground drivers to wooden gates, it will be necessary to clad the gate bottom edge with metal to spread the load and to give something to attach the motor shoe. If you don't, the push-pull from the high torque will eventually split the wood.

Blank Installation

Installation Hint:

When fitting Blank underground motors you will need a minimum of 65mm from your gate hinge point to the post.  Though soak-aways may be adequate, we recommend that you drain the motor case properly to lower lying land where possible.

All underground motors will operate underwater when new, but if left submerged, it is likely that water will eventually enter the motor and / or cable insulation will become porous. It is better to correctly drain the foundation cases from day one to protect your investment! Some additional fabrication/welding may be necessary to connect the drive shoe to your gates.

If you only have a single gate and you are not sure if you need a right-hand or left-hand kit? Don't worry - the Blank Motor is ambidextrous!

For more information on the electrical cabling requirements for this system please see our electric gate cabling guide.

Please Note: It is solely the responsibility of the recipient or the client / specifier – to ensure that the products described are suitable for purpose (see fitting guide under downloads) & comply with the relevant building regulations.

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