Videx GSM Intercom with Push Button and Keypad - Flush Mounted

Kit Contents

1 x External Audio Panel with selected number of push buttons
1 x GSM interface module
(mounted to panel)
1 x Digicode Keypad
1 x Flush back box
1 x Antenna
1 x 12-14v 2A DC Power Supply
1 x Instruction Sheet

Purchase options for Videx GSM Intercom with Push Button and Keypad - Flush Mounted

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Videx GSM Intercom 1 Button Flush + Keypad
Single caller GSM unit with a flush mount frame and keypad (4K1/GSM/CL). £704.40 Add to cart

Videx GSM Intercom 2 Buttons Flush + Keypad
Two caller GSM unit with a flush mount frame and keypad (4K2/GSM/CL). £730.80 Add to cart
Videx GSM Intercom 4 Buttons Flush + Keypad Four caller GSM unit with a flush mount frame and keypad (4K4/GSM/CL). £816.00 Add to cart

GSM high gain antenna / aerial
Improve the quality of your GSM reception by adding this aerial ( inc wall mount bracket & 1m cable ) to your system £45.83 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 1 year limited warranty. See the warranty FAQ page for more details.

  • Up to 10 call buttons available, call for further details.
  • Dials any land line or mobile number.
  • Divert a call to a second number when first is busy or not answered.
  • Dry contact relay output.
  • Auxillary output (Open collector).
  • Push to exit and auxillary inputs.
  • Programmable via SMS or dial in.
  • Access control feature for up to 250 Users (SIM card dependant).
  • Check the signal strength via SMS.
  • Programming menu protected by programmable 4 digit code.
  • Automatic call facility to retain the network connection if the system is not used for long periods of time.

GSM Audio Intercom and Access Control.

The GSM Door Entry System retains all the facilities of the 4000 Series which can include multiple doors, coded access, proximity access and bio-access features.

Available from a one button kit to a ten button system, they can all have up to 250 built in access codes dependent upon the SIM card used. This allows a user or users to call the entry panel and activate the lock output relay at no charge to the caller. Each button on the door panel can be programmed with two telephone numbers, allowing the system to divert a call if the first number is busy or not answered.

Push to exit and auxiliary inputs / outputs (to either send an SMS message or trigger an output) along with a dry contact timed lock output relay are standard. Programming the unit is carried out using either SMS text messaging or by dialling into the unit and using a telephone keypad. Programming options include the facility to program the telephone number, program the divert number, lock relay time, call time, microphone and speaker volume as well as many other security features.



-               the gate will be able to be unlocked and opened or closed and locked using the remote control (for instance from within our car);

The Key fob remote control operation is separate to any other external “switch” device wired to the control board like the GSM. Therefore the remote functionality will not change.


-               if the gate is closed and locked and someone calls using the intercom the gate can be unlocked and opened during the call;

Yes – The key “3” when pressed live on the call will trigger the relay and not cut the call off – the speech channel remains open so you can talk, activate the gate and then carry on talking if you wish!


-               if open the gate can be closed and locked by calling the intercom unit;

Yes and No. You need to have automatic closing function turned off so that the control board can receive one start command to open then stay open until a further start command is given. Every call or text to the Videx to activate the relay will give the control board that start signal. You can send text command to the SIM to activate a start command by texting “Master code then word in capital RLY” so for example: “1111 RLY”.

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