Videx 4000 Series 1 Way Colour Video Kit with Codelock

Kit Contents

1 x Outdoor station including speaker unit module (art.4833-1) comprised of high quality auto iris lens CCD B&W camera and infrared illumination LEDs
1 x Module flush mounting box with module support and hinge (Art.4851). Mirror stainless steel finish for the front plate and gun metal grey for the module support
1 x ART.3456 3000 Series Videophone with 3.5" Colour TFT LCD monitor with speaker unit and wall mount support (Art.3980)
1 x Art.850K power transformer in a Type A 5 module DIN box
1 x Instruction Manual

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CVKC4KS Videx Intercom Kit - Surface Mounted CVKC4KS Videx 4000 Series 1 Way Surface Colour Video Kit with Codelock £861.58 Add to cart
CVKC4K Videx Intercom Kit - Flush Mounted CVKC4K Videx 4000 Series 1 Way Flush Colour Video Kit with Codelock £820.25 Add to cart
CVR4KV-1S/CL Videx Intercom Kit Vandal Surface CVR4KV-1S/CL 1 Way Vandal Resistant Surface Colour Video Kit with Codelock Unit £1016.75 Add to cart
CVR4KV-1/CL Videx Intercom Kit Vandal Flush CVR4KV-1/CL 1 Way Vandal Resistant Flush Colour Video Kit with Codelock Unit £967.06 Add to cart
380 Telephone Interface Module Self contained telephone interface module for use on an analogue telephone line. Its primary function is to enable a user to communicate with a telephone line and a gate entry point (or points) from the same telephone handset. This handset can be a standard corded model, a cordless such as a DECT telephone or even a hands free telephone £201.30 Add to cart
Additional handset Colour video handset £323.93 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 1 year limited warranty. See the warranty FAQ page for more details.


1 button 4000 series colour video kits with codelock. The flexible design allows for the addition of up to a total of 4 entrance doors and up to 4 video handsets per call button with intercommunication between the handsets. Other facilities include adjustable call tone and time, camera recall (selectable), timed mute facility with LED indication. Door panels have adjustable reassurance tone and call progress LED's for calling, speak, door open and system busy. The codelock has 3 codes, 2 changeover relay outputs and an override input. It can be programmed from 1-99 seconds or latching output. The system does not require coaxial cable. Available in surface and flush mounted forms.


Technical Specifications

Number of entrances - 1 (Expandable to 4)
No. Of cores to videophone - 6 from panel, 2 from PSU
Codelock - 2 codes, 2 relays
Code length 4-8 digits
PSU - 24Vac
Recommended cable type - CW1308
Maximum number of call buttons - 2
Maximum No. Of videophones per call button - 4
Lock output - 12Vdc
Videophone model - 3656
PSU model - 850K
Amplifier module - 4833/C
Codelock - 4800


General Instructions for Installation

In order to achieve the best results follow these general directions for installation:

- The system must be installed according to national rules in force, in any case the running of cables of any intercom unit must be carried out seperatly from the mains;

- All multipair cables should be comliant to CW1308 specification (0.5mm twisted pair telephone cable).

- Cables for speech line and service should have a max resistance of 10 Ohm

- Lock release wires should be doubled up (Lock release wires and power supply wires should have a max resistance of 3 Ohm);

- The cable sizes above can be used for distances up to 50m. On distances above 50m the cable sizes should be increased to keep the overall resistance of the cable below the resistances indicated above;

- Double check the connections before power up;

- Power up the system then check all functions.


Up to 200m of cable can be used from the outside caller unit to the handset. See 'Manual' on the right hand side of the page for more details on cabling.

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