Kit MyAster - Double Electric Swing Gate Openers

Kit Contents

2  x MyAster Ram Operators
1  x Wired Safety Photocell Set
1  x Electronic Control Unit (with in-built 30m aerial)
2  x Remote Keyfob Controllers
4  x Brackets with fixings & fittings
2  x Override Keys (for power cuts)
1  x Instruction Sheet
Safety+Kit also include:
1x Additional wired safety photocell set
1x Emergency stop button

Purchase options for Kit MyAster - Double Electric Swing Gate Openers

Product Volt Weight
per leaf
per leaf
per leaf
Type Price Buy
Double Kit MyAster 3TI (Q80A) 230v 350 kg 110 2.0m Standard Ram, Double Kit £453.23 ex VAT
£543.88 incVAT
RRP £815.21 incVAT
Save 33%
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Double Kit MyAster 3TI (Q80A) Safety+ 230v 350 kg 110 2.0m Standard Ram, Double Kit + photocells + emergency stop £487.23 ex VAT
£584.68 incVAT
RRP £862.66 incVAT
Save 32%
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Double Kit MyAster 4TI (Q80A) 230v 300 kg 110 2.75m Standard Ram, Double Kit £471.59 ex VAT
£565.91 incVAT
RRP £846.19 incVAT
Save 33%
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Double Kit MyAster 4TI (Q80A) Safety+ 230v 300 kg 110 2.75m Standard Ram, Double Kit + photocells + emergency stop £506.59 ex VAT
£607.91 incVAT
RRP £893.64 incVAT
Save 31%
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Double Kit MyAster 5TI (Q80A) 230v 250 kg 110 3.5m Standard Ram, Double Kit £489.39 ex VAT
£587.27 incVAT
RRP £869.02 incVAT
Save 32%
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Double Kit MyAster 5TI (Q80A) Safety+ 230v 250 kg 110 3.5m Standard Ram, Double Kit + photocells + emergency stop £525.39 ex VAT
£630.47 incVAT
RRP £916.46 incVAT
Save 31%
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Optional additional accessories for Kit MyAster - Double Electric Swing Gate Openers

Product Details Price Buy

MyGate Grey Key Fob
Additional Grey Remote Control Key Fob/Transmitter/Remote. The gate system can support atleast 99 additional keyfobs. £35.99 Add to cart

Additional MyGate Wired Photocells
Improve the level of safety & protection on your gate system by adding an additional set of safety photocells. £43.02 Add to cart

Emergency Stop Button - Twist Release
This is an essential item for all gate automation systems and should be installed in a place visible to all users to allow the gates to be stopped in an emergency. When required the emergency stop must be accessible, recognisable and must work, reliably and safely. £8.08 Add to cart
Double Gate Stops
Double Gate Stops Set
2 x Back stop and 1 x Mid stop in a black powder coated finish for double gates. This system requires some form of external resistance. £46.20 Add to cart
Resistive Safety Edge 25mm Profile - 2.0m Length
2.0m - 25mm gate safety edge
2.0m Length of 25mm profile gate safety edge.

All automatic gates & door systems installed in the UK should comply to BS-EN13241-1 & EN-138491-1 safety standards.

Profile & length options:- Safety Edges Options

Safety edge guide:- Download
£138.00 Add to cart
MyAster Release Key Release Key for use in the event of a power failure. A key is already included with each motor in the kit. £3.60 Add to cart
Eldes EMIS120 GSM Wifi Switch
EMIS120 GSM/Wifi Switch
Smartphone (GSM) and Internet compatible gate opener switch (2-Outputs/Channels) £159.00 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 3 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 3 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

  • 24v or 230v option
  • User friendly Q80A/R control board
  • 3 year warranty on the motors
  • Cost effective (very capable and powerful system)
  • Designed for intensive use
  • Quality build with die-cast aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel internal parts
  • 30 meter aerial built in as standard
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Suitable for leaves up to 3.5 meters
  • Max opening angle of up to 110°
  • Will move up to 350kg per leaf.
  • Powerful motors (up to 2800N) with adjustable torque settings
  • Good outdoor protection - IP 54 rating
  • Great build quality and reliability
  • 24v kits are solar and battery backup compatible

Flexible Uses - The MyAster packs a lot of power for its price, offering incredible value for money. It is deft and subtle when needed using low torque settings via the Q80A/R programmable control board, or it can provide a lot of umph when needed. It is ideal for 5-bar farm gates and other wooded gates where power needs to be delivered in a precise and measured manner.

Best Selling - The MyAster is our most popular selling double gate automation kit range. With numerous kit options available, it will operate a large proportion of residential and agricultural gates and is a reliable and confident automation system.

40 years of experience - The MyAster is manufactured by a renowned Italian gate automation manufacturer Proteco as part of their MyGate range. Proteco have been producing robust and reliable industrial and residential electric gate automation products for nearly 40 years and have always embraced safety and reliability.

UK based support - Each of the gate kits come with comprehensive instruction manuals for installation and programming, and our qualified UK based staff are available for sales and technical support and advice.

Cost Effective - The MyAster electromechanical ram operator kits are a cost effective method of gate automation and are ideal where the gates are hung on posts, or close to the edge of the pillars. The rams are non-reversible and therefore don’t need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed but a lock is recommended for leaves over 3 meters long. Opening angles up to 110°, depending on hinge position, may be achieved.

Reliable / Build Quality - The MyGate range of operators are designed for intensive use; they are constructed of quality die-cast aluminium with stainless steel, bronze and steel parts. The fluid-grease lubrication system, polyester powder-paint coating, self-lubricating worm gear and built-in thermal protection system ensure quiet operation and a long working life in all weather conditions, without the need for periodic maintenance.

Looking for the single gate Kit MyAster, then view our range of single swing gate openers.

We would recommend that you consider the Kit MyAster Safety+ version(s) as the additional set of safety photocells provide an added level of protection on the inside of the gates with the emergency stop button giving a highly visible method of stopping the gates. Greater levels of safety can also be reached by the use of safety edges.

It is possible to achieve up-to a 110° opening angle, but will depend on the hinge position and model in use; suitable for gate openings from 4m-7m (2m to 3.5m per leaf) and up to a combined gate weight of 350Kg. This motor is only suitable for inward opening gates.

Kit Aster limits of use


Please note: the remotes that you receive with this kit may be a different colour to what's shown in the image.


Technical Information


Diagram of the Aster Gate

These diagrams show the gates closed and the operator mounting brackets fixed to the back face of each pillar (from inside the property).

The Kit MyAster operator and bracket are positioned so as dimensions A & B comply to the installation instructions supplied with the kit.

With all linear automation (straight arm motor) the laws of geometry do apply. These are a series of measurements that aid the motors to pivot on its triangular mounting bracket. If the measurements are not achieved, the motor will not pivot on its bracket and the gate will fail to achieve its full opening angle.

Below pictures are birds-eye views of two types of typical gate leaf mounting:

FIG 1 – Gate leaf hinged in the centre of the pillar

FIG 2 – Gate leaf hinged on corner of the pillar

The Kit MyAster operator and bracket are positioned so as dimensions A & B comply to the installation instructions supplied with the kit.

The values are dependent on the Kit MyAster model selected.

Dimensions to Achieve

For the Kit MyAster 3 (2m max per leaf)
A = 145mm
B = 145mm

For Kit MyAster 4 (2.75m max per leaf)
A = 195mm
B = 195mm

For Kit MyAster 5 (3.5m max per leaf)
A = 245mm
B = 245mm



Installation Hint:

When fitting the gate brackets to a wooden gate, we recommend that you insert stainless steel tubing (just large enough to sleeve the mounting bolt threads, and 1mm shorter than the thickness of the wood) through the gate mounting holes.

This will prevent over-tightening of the mounting bolts, and also avoid the repetitive push-pull on the mounting bolts from damaging the wood.

If you only have a single gate and you are not sure if you need a right-hand or left-hand kit?

The motor is usually mounted on the inside of the property for security; so view the gates from inside the property looking outwards (the gates will normally, but not always, swing toward you).

If the hinge appears on the left, you need a left-hand kit; if it's on the right you need a right-hand kit.

For more information on the electrical cabling requirements for this system please see our electric gate cabling guide.

Kit myAster optional upgrades and accessories include:

    * gate stops (all of our gate motors require some form of resistance at the end of the opening & closing phase.)
    * underground exit loop (detects the presence of a vehicle and automatically opens the gate)
    * extra photocells
    * additional key fobs
    * intercom kit
    * extended range (external) aerial

Please Note: It is solely the responsibility of the recipient or the client / specifier – to ensure that the products described are suitable for purpose (see fitting guide under downloads) & comply with the relevant building regulations.

View gallery images of this item in typical Kit MyAster - Double Electric Swing Gate Openers gate automation installations.

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