Pre-wired universal receiver (SMX2)

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1 x Pre-wired Universal Receiver
1 x Instruction Sheet

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SMX2 pre-wired receiver
SMX2, pre-wired universal receiver with 256-codes memory for use with the Nice Smilo £103.92 Add to cart

Nice SMXIS plug-in 4 Channel
SMXIS plug-in for up to 4 channels with 256-codes memory on the SMX2 receiver £52.44 Add to cart
Nice Smilo2 keyfob
Nice 2 Channel Smilo Remote
Nice 2 channel remote. Compatible with the Nice SMX2 pre-wired receiver £75.04 Add to cart
Nice Smilo4 keyfob
Nice 4 Channel Smilo Remote
Nice 4 channel remote. Compatible with the Nice SMXIS plug-in receiver £89.50 Add to cart


Universal pre-wired 2 channel receiver (4 optional with SM plug-in) with 256-codes memory. Can work with other brands of automation as well as Nice Automation. If you have one gate with a Nice Automation Motor and another gate with a different branded motor for example then this can be used. To be used with the Nice Smilo remotes.

SMX2 are dual-channel radio receivers that are designed for general use and differentiate themselves for their compatibility with transmitters. The characteristic of compatible transmitters is that the identification code is different for each transmitter. Therefore, in order to recognise a determined transmitter, the recognition code must be memorised. This operation must be repeated for each transmitter to be used. The receivers are provided with power and 2 outputs on the output cabling.

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