Came Fast40-S24 - Single Swing Gate Kit

Kit Contents

1 x FA4024CB (with control board) 24v Motor
1 x AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz)
2 x DIR10 Safety Photocells
2 x TOP-432EV Radio Remote (433,92MHz)
1 x TOP-A433N Antenna
1 x Instruction Manual

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Came Fast40-S24 Kit 24v 200 kg 90 2.3m Articulated, Single Kit, Ambidextrous £640.00 ex VAT
£768.00 incVAT
RRP £949.20 incVAT
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Optional additional accessories for Came Fast40-S24 - Single Swing Gate Kit

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Emergency Stop Button - Twist Release
This is an essential item for all gate automation systems and should be installed in a place visible to all users to allow the gates to be stopped in an emergency. When required the emergency stop must be accessible, recognisable and must work, reliably and safely. £8.08 Add to cart
Resistive Safety Edge 25mm Profile - 2.0m Length
2.0m - 25mm gate safety edge
2.0m Length of 25mm profile gate safety edge.

All automatic gates & door systems installed in the UK should comply to BS-EN13241-1 & EN-138491-1 safety standards.

Profile & length options:- Safety Edges Options

Safety edge guide:- Download
£138.00 Add to cart

Came DIR-10 Wired Safety Photocells
Came DIR-10 Wired Safety Photocells. Improve the level of safety & protection on your gate system by adding an additional set of safety photocells. £36.90 Add to cart
Came TOP432EV Remote
Came TOP-432EV Remote
Came TOP-432EV Gate Remote, 433 MHz, 2 Button/Channels. Gate system can support up to 99 remotes. £27.00 Add to cart

Came S7001 Keypad with One-Channel Card
Came S7001 Keypad with one-channel card. £89.51 Add to cart

TPSL03 Outdoor Single Gang Bell Push
Timeguard powerseal IP54 gate bell button push switch. Allows users to get in or out of the gate without a key fob. £11.58 Add to cart

Electric Lock With Single Cylinder
LOCK81 Electric Lock With Single Cylinder. It removes the possibility of damage to a long flexible gate, or the stress and strains caused by pounding winds on closed boarded or similar types of "closed-in" gates. £112.80 Add to cart

Battery Card - LB180
This card is to use with Came 24v motors for connecting two 12 V - 1.2 Ah emergency batteries. It will allow you to use the BAT2PK batteries for a power failure backup. £80.40 Add to cart

Set of two 12V - 1.2 Ah Batteries
The BAT2PK batteries are a pair of 12v, 1.2 Ah maintenance free batteries to be used with the V0670, LBD2, LB22, LB90, LB54 and LB180 battery backup circuit boards and can be housed either in the gate controllers enclosure or in the 119 RIR 315 enclosure. £60.00 Add to cart

Came DBC01 Wireless Photocell Upgrade
Upgrade to wireless photocells with the above Came kits. Allows the wired photocells in the kit to be replaced with wireless. (Only available in combination to Came single gate kit). £70.50 Add to cart
Eldes EMIS120 GSM Wifi Switch
EMIS120 GSM/Wifi Switch
Smartphone (GSM) and Internet compatible gate opener switch (2-Outputs/Channels) £159.00 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 2 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

The ideal solution for fitting on medium and large gate posts in residential or apartment block settings.

Fast belongs to an innovative series of versatile, powerful swing-gate operators; designed for medium-to-large pillars. With Fast40, installation is quick and no extra work is needed on the pillar or gate itself.

  • Handy release lever for manually opening the gate.
  • All model are fitted with simplified connections featuring one single three-conductor cable.
  • The 24 V versions can also operate during power outages.
  • Compatible with the Zero-E solar panel to power the operator where there are no connections to the electricity line.
  • The 24 Volt operator features the SLEEP MODE function as a standard.


Technology within arm's reach

Fast40 is suitable for applications in medium and large pillars. Thanks to the jointed arm, swing gates with leaves up to 2.3 m in length can be moved.


New performance, high technology

  • internal control board, also in the 24 V version
  • reduced installation time
  • mechanical stops, built into the gearmotor, adjustable during opening and closing to make it possible to eliminate the traditional, bulky “ground stops” on the fixture



For installers: easy connection with only one cable with three wires (24 V version); EN Tested technology for easy system certification in accordance with European standards.

For users: fully adjustable gate run and slowdown management, ensuring safety and reliability.



  • safety even when the gate is not moving. Each command is cancelled if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices
  • the motor with encoder enables easy management of the slowdown and obstacle detection stages
  • self-diagnosis of safety devices
  • release lever, in a handy position to facilitate manual gate opening during a power failure


Simplicity and savings

The 24 V Fast40 version is equipped with the new “Sleep Mode” technology that minimises the consumption of electrical energy when the motor is not in service.
Furthermore, it is compatible with the new Zero-E solar power panel, enabling gate operation even in areas without electric current.


Weight and Width Guide

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