Proteco RF33 Wireless Safety Photocells

Kit Contents

1 x Wireless Transmitter Unit (Battery Operated)
1 x Wired Receiver Unit (12-24v Input from Q60 Series Control Board)
2 x Batteries
1 x Instruction Sheet
Battery Photocells

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3 year warranty on this gate kit

This item has 1 year limited warranty. See the warranty FAQ page for more details.

  • Battery operated Wireless Safety Photocells that don't need wiring across the drive.
  • Easy to install
  • Jumper allows these photocells to be set in a normally open ( NO ) or normally closed ( NC ) operation
  • Can be added to nearly all existing automated systems
  • The Safety Photocells are a safety feature designed to keep the gates open/closed when the beam is broken by a pedestrian/ vehicle.
  • Offer additional peace of mind
  • Battery life - 2 Years

The Safety Photocells are wireless in respect of the transmitter unit only. This provides a solution to avoiding laying extra cable across the drive way to connect the transmitter. The transmitter & receiver can operate over a range of up to 20m.

The receiver unit remains hard wired to the control board, much like our Wired Safety Photocells. The receiver unit must be hard wired to ensure permanent communication to the control board at all times. This reduces the risk of “broken communication” if another wireless signal was to interfere and create “cross-talk” (conflict of communication between numerous devices).

For example, if the control board did not receive the correct signal transmitted from the photocell receiver when it was needed, the gate(s) would fail to respond to the presence of the obstacle detected.  

Used a switch for opening the gates

These wireless photocells can also be used in a none safety mode to open/close gates, this should only be done if you have already put photocells in place either wired or wireless but in a safety mode.

When operating as a switch the photocells are wired in series and are positioned approx. 1.5m apart so that when both beams are broken the gates will operate, this provides a cost effective solution of automatically operating the gates as an alternative to loop detectors.

photocells used as a switch

View gallery images of this item in typical Proteco RF33 Wireless Safety Photocells gate automation installations.

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