Quantek Safety Edge Wireless Controller Kit (ASO Compatible)

Kit Contents

1 x Band-T Transmitter
1 x Band-R Receiver

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The safety edge controller kits electronics are designed and produced to comply with and exceed BS-EN13241-1 requirements for automatic gates & doors and also comply with the future EN13849-1 regulations. The electronic controller is used to continuously monitor the 8.2kΩ signal from safety edge’s providing a full fail safe system.

When a safety edge is pressed, damaged or the connecting cable is cut - the controller outputs a contact signal.

The controllers have multiple input voltage options and a choice of relay dry contact, N/C or voltage outputs.

When the safety edge is connected to its control electronics the system reads the 8.2kΩ resistance. When the safety edge is pressed the two conductive rubber surfaces come together and create a short between them, this cuts the 8.2kΩ signal being monitored by the control electronics.

The control electronics then output a N/C contact or voltage signal (depending on model) to the door or gate control panel.

Wireless Communications : An innovative wireless radio communication system for use with safety edges, it offers a two-way 868.90 MHz radio link with self-test between transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is connected to the safety edge and the receiver to the door or gate control panel safety input.

The system is fail-safe, meaning that the transmitter and receiver are constantly communicating with each other and should any part of the system fail, the receiver will activate the safety input of the control panel preventing the gate from operating.

* Facilitates compliance with gate and door standard EN-13241-1:2003 and
* EN12453, certified by approved laboratory to EN-954-1 standard, Cat. 2
* Simplifies and reduces installation time and costs
* Two-way 868.90 MHz radio link with self-test between transmitter and receiver
* Battery powered transmitter with 2 year battery life
* Low battery warning indicator, provides an audible signal at the receiver weeks before
a transmitter battery needs replacing.
* Can be used with 8.2K resistive safety edges or any safety device with a normally closed contact, for example a mechanical safety edge.
* The receiver has two channels, the outputs would normally connect to the opening and closing safety contacts on the control panel, up to six transmitters can be used, 3 on each channel, more than one safety edge can be connected to a transmitter

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