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Which Gate System Suits Me?

Choosing what system to automate your gate can be a personal choice based on aesthetics; but there are other critical issues that may help you decide.

The following list of questions will help determine which system may suit your needs.

  • Where is the nearest power supply?
  • Single or twin gates?
  • How wide is the gate, or each leaf?
  • How high is the gate? Each model has size and weight limits, so you will need to check the each modelís datasheet (downloadable from this website) against your own installation.
  • Is the gate made from steel or wood?
  • Is the gate an open design or a filled in solid design (solid acts as a sail in the wind and therefore needs a more powerful motor)? Completely filled in wooden gates need to be may present an artificially high weight to the motor due to wind loading, and this needs to be accounted for.
  • Is the ground level around the gate, what is the rise and fall?
  • if you have a double gate would the stop be too high in the middle of the drive? It is essential to have mechanical stops in the open and closed position.
  • What room do you have around the gate hinges and posts?

The Wheel System

Advantages of the wheeled system

  • Works on long light gates and uneven ground and will swing as far as 270°, a farmers favourite.
  • Opens and closes far faster than traditional systems
  • Designed for large single gates
  • As the system is on a suspension no damage is done if the gate drops (most wooden gates will do this at some time or other)
  • Locks when closed
  • The unique design allows it to work with a gate rising hinge
  • The way the gate is hung normally doesnít matter
  • 230vac or 12vdc available

Disadvantages of the wheeled system:

  • It is not designed for very heavy gates
  • If the ground is over 200mm/12° fall and rise there is a problem
  • Looks, the underground systems are far less obvious, a few customers object to the looks of the wheeled system

The Underground System

Advantages of the underground system:

  • The best looking gate system, discreet and quiet, a favourite with property developers
  • Very powerful underground motors
  • Perfect for ornate steel entrance gates
  • Very hard to tamper with
  • They can open to 180° with an adaptor
  • 240 volt or 24 volt available

Disadvantages of the underground system:

  • Requires groundwork to install, i.e. holes big enough for the mechanism and also proper soakaways to drain surplus water away.
  • Susceptible to flooding the motor chambers, the drainage is important

The Traditional Rear Arm System

Advantages of the traditional rear arm system:

  • Can be fitted without major disruption
  • Normally the cheapest option available
  • A multitude of various types of arms available, to suit different size gates, different hanging positions
  • 240 volt or 12 volt available
  • No risk of flood water damage

Disadvantages of the traditional rear arm system:

  • More highly visible than underground units
  • Can only open to a maximum of 130° dependent upon model