Came Cordless Synchronised Intergrated Photocells

Our new range of Came DBC Photocells are something to definitely look out for. This new technology provides a greater area of sensitivity all around your gate so the use of your photocells are much more accurate and effective. The photocells consist of a receiver, transmitter and two repeaters and cause no interferences. The cordless solution provides an attractive situation beside your gate and are also a cheaper option. Due to infrared beam signal it is possible to discard expensive wiring retrofitting, putting protective sensitive edges onto the moving gate-leaf. (The fact that they are wireless should be even more convincing).

Below our item description for our DBC01 Surface-Mounted Photocells there is an example of perimeter protection of an installation with a swing gate. This shows you the exact area in which the photocells perform, which out does our existing 2 way photocells which monitor a much smaller area.



Universal Remote Controls – The Easiest Way to Access Your Property

Our wide range of Keyfobs & Remotes are suitable for all gate systems available on our website Key fob remotes are a quick and simple way of getting in and out super quick with little to no waiting involved. We have many to suit all kinds of tastes, including a Black Remote which is a slightly smaller key fob which will fit nicely onto your keyring.

For slightly cheaper you can opt for a Navy or Grey remote which will cater exactly for your needs. The 3 buttons are able to control any additional gates you may have in your property, so you don’t have to purchase one for every gate!

If you need more than a couple then our 5 Remotes For The Price Of 4 deal will be an offer not to refuse. You are also able to add up to 50 additional remotes for one gate system.

If you are in need of a remote which will operate multiple devices such as cars, garage door openers, barriers and home security systems then take a look at our Universal Remote Keyfob which has a simple 2 step guide on how to programme your remote controlling any of those devices.


Key switches and Keypads – Gate Security

The Nice Automation range of Gate Security may only have slight differences, but it can still be a tricky decision to make.

We have two new listings on our site which are under Nice Keypads and Nice Switches. Our Nice Keypads range have a 12 key selector which allows users to be hands-free with as many as 99,999,999 different combinations. You can also purchase Aluminium Posts which will store your Key switch or Key pad and is great to have when coming in and out of your property regularly in a vehicle.

Also available is our range of Key Switches, which can include an led courtesy light for easier vision and your own personal key to unlock whenever you please. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from designed for all gates.

Gate security is almost something essential that nearly everyone with a gate kit owns. With these particular two products there’s no better way to control who enters and who doesn’t! We also have other brands to choose from such as Came.


What is there to alert me that my gate is in operation?

The purpose of flashing gate signal lights are simple but effective. They are a great attraction to let people know when the gate is in use at the very time that it is. It can be a sign for children to not touch or go near the gate when this flashing light is on for example. Our Nice Lucy / Flashing Signal Light is highly cost effective with the additional options of adding an external aerial and support brackets to give it that extra sturdiness.

Our Nice Moonlight / Flashing Signal Light does not need support brackets and comes in either a white or orange colour. It has an internal timer and stays active for the time that is individually programmed into it.

Stepping away from Nice, this Flashing Warning Light may be suitable for those who want something a little more discrete. It includes a 10w lamp and can be placed, like the other Signal Lights wherever you choose to put them.

Safety or Warning lights for gate systems gallery



Pedestrian gate opener

The WalkyKit from Nice Automation is great for using in tight spaces and the practical articulated arm enables installation in specific conditions, such as in the prescence of small walls or obstacles adjacent to the post. The WalkyKit comes in either a single gate option or a Double gate option.

Another big plus for this product is that is can be used with the Solemyo Solar Power unit, so in situations where it is not possible to get mains power to the area of automation the combination of these two products makes automation possible.

The WalkyKit can also be used with the optional buffer battery so that in the event of a power failure the gate can still be opened.

A pedestrian gate opener for the automation of wooden gates


Mobile gate openers – Open your gates from anywhere

Installing electric gates will help to increase the safety and security of your property. There are many different access control systems to enhance the security such as intercom systems, keypad entry and keyfobs. A quick and easy way to control who has access to your property is by using a GSM Access switch.

A GSM Access switch uses the mobile phone network to enable you to remotely open your gates, from anywhere in the world. A SIM card is inserted into the unit, which is wired into the electric gate control panel. You can then use your mobile phone to ‘ring’ the gate. When installing the GSM Access switch you will programme a white list to the SIM card, this will ensure that only select people will be able to gain entry to your property.

Perfect if you’re fed up of loosing keyfobs or buying them for new employees or family members, the GSM Access switch can remember up to 200 different mobile numbers.


Wireless Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are an easy way to work with your electric gates to improve the safety and security of your property. They come in many different versions with many different options.

One of the most popular intercom systems is a wireless system. This means there are no wires between the gate and the house, therefore cutting time and costs of laying cables. Wireless intercom systems consist of three different components; the outside caller unit, the control/receiver unit and the internal handset.
The outside caller unit sits outside the property and can either be just a caller button to the property or it can also have an integrated keypad. This enables you to give the code to friends and family so they can let themselves in. Any other visitors can use the caller button to call up to the house.
The control/receiver unit is wired into the control panel of the gate automation system and sits on the inside of the property on the gatepost.
Finally the internal handset is a mobile unit, with a charging station. It can be used to talk to any visitors and also to control the operation of your automatic gate system.

Wireless intercom systems are beneficial if you don’t want to lay additional cables down to the gate, or you have a particularly long driveway. They also have the benefit of a mobile internal handset that you can move around the house / garden.


What safety features are included in the Gate Kits?

Every GateMotors gate automation kit comes with a set of  Safety Photocells as standard. This consists of a transmitter and a receiver.  Safety Photocells are designed to improve the safety of your gates, an infra red beam is transmitted between them and if this beam is broken the gates will not operate in case they come into contact with whatever has broken the beam.

You may require a second set of Safety Photocells if you have large gates or a short drive for additional safety measures. Examples of additional safety features are Blinker Lights and Anti-Crush Edging. The Blinker lights can be used to show others when the gates are in use and the Anti-Crush Safety Edgings work with our control panel to stop the gates if they hit an obstruction.


What are Safety Photocells on Gate Systems?

Included in your electric gate automation kit is a pair of Safety Photocells.  This consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

Safety Photocells are designed to improve the safety of your gates, an infra red beam is transmitted between them and if this beam is broken the gates will not operate in case they come into contact with whatever has broken the beam.

Typically the Safety Photocells are placed on the outside of the property, on the gateposts. Therefore if a car or a person is between the gateposts the beam will be broken and the gates will remain open. If the gates have already started to close and the photocell beam is broken then they will reopen as quickly as possible and stay open until the beam is in full contact again.

An additional set of Safety Photocells can be added to your gate automation system to cover the swinging arc of your gates. This ensures that the gates will stay open until any car going through them has fully cleared the area.  Photocell columns can be used to ensure the Safety Photocells are at the same height and they also have a protective rain hood.

If you would like to purchase additional Safety Photocells we have a new Nice Automation Range and a Range from Came. You may require a second set of Safety Photocells if you have large gates or a short drive for additional safety measures.



Using Loop Detectors in the design of your Gate System

Gate Automation Loop Detectors are used to indicate the presence or passage of vehicles. The system consists of a loop or coil of induction cable and a Loop Detection unit. Using a Loop Detector with your gate automation system is a simple and efficient method to operate your gates.

The loop of induction cable is set underground in the area approaching the gates and then returns to the Loop Detection Unit, which is wired into the control panel of the gate system. When a vehicle drives over the loop induction cable the Loop Detector unit picks up the magnetic field and direction of the vehicle and sends a signal to the gates control panel, telling it to open.

Loop Detectors are typically set up on exit but can also come as a Two Channel Loop Detector for entry as well. They can also be set up with a Gate System 7 day timer to retain security as required.