New gate automation kit instruction guides up on GateMotors

Here at GateMotors we have tried to help even more with providing hassle-free installations for our customers by re-writing the instruction guides for the Proteco brand of automation. The new instruction guides are fully comprehensive including the installation guides for the kits, and guides specific to the programming of the control boards.

These PDFs are all available when viewing the specific products in the double or single gate kits such as the Kit Aster or the Kit Simply, and can be found in the ‘Downloads’ section on the right hand side of the page. These instructions will also be dispatched with the kits themselves.


Intercom Systems with large radius’

Intercoms have always been designed to supply you with easy access control as well as being safe and secure. The range in which they can operate may play an important part in your purchase process as the distance from the intercom to the handset will always vary from customer to customer so it is essential we recommend you the right one. People looking to automate gates are always in different situations, for example purchasing an intercom for a farm automated gate may be a greater distance away from the property to the gate than for a house or flat.

To make sure you make the right choice, if you are looking for an intercom system which can cope with very long distances then the Comelit Wired Audio Intercom with Single Handset will cope with a maximum distance of 400 metres. This will certainly cater for most peoples needs and it is the widest range we do. If you don’t need something with such a high radius then you could take into consideration the Videx 8000 Audio Kit or the Farfisa Profilo Panel Video Intercom which will both do up to 200 metres, depending if you’d like an audio or video intercom. The type of cable used on intercoms will usually vary depending on the length you choose to have. This information is available to view in our technical/installation guides available on each product page. The intercoms shared here are some of many that we sell so do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help.



Automatic Electric Gate Safety/Security for Schools – Ofsted Requirements

Ofsted are trying to issue new guidelines to make schools aware of the issue of security, as there have been many cases of millions of pounds being lost through damage and theft. Many schools have gates that will secure entrances into the school. While these are securely shut and locked at night, there is usually no monitoring of visitors during the day, so anybody could be accessing the school potentially without being seen or noticed.

Here at GateMotors, not only are all our automation kits irreversible when installed, you will be able to purchase various extra safety and security measures that would be fit for a school. Depending on the type of gates you have, whether it be wooden, metal, swing gates, sliding gates, our Gate Wizard will help you choose the exact automation you need.

For safety measures, we recommend all our customers to purchase an additional pair of photocells when purchasing our gate kits. This is because photocells will stop the gate opening or closing if somebody is going through it. But it will only pick it up on the inside or outside of the gate (wherever installed) because there is only one set included in the kit. Purchasing another set will make sure the gate automation is stopped on both sides of the gate. Also available for swing or sliding gates are Gate Safety Edges which will fit on the the edge of the gate and will protect against possible crushing with its soft rubber edge.

For security measures, Intercoms with Keypads are a popular and secure choice which will allow schools to be able to communicate with the guest while they’re outside the property and would be able to dismiss if required. Due to the large scale of a school, looking at an Intercom with a high range may be necessary. The Daitem 5732 Wireless Intercom can range up to 400m and its wireless technology will make it a lot easier to install.


6 simple checks to ensure your gates are safe

Use this list of simple checks to ensure that your automatic gate is safe :

Swing Gates

  • Place a dustbin in the middle of the gate pathway where the gates close shut. The gate should not close when operated
  • Place a dustbin where the gates will move to open out onto. The gates should not move when operated
  • Push a dustbin towards the gate when it is opening. The gate should stop and go back slightly
  • Push a dustbin toward the gate when it is closing. The gate should stop and go back slightly
  • When the gate is opening, try to hold the gate at the leading edge. The gate should be capable of being stopped with a light force
  • If the gate is opening against a wall place the bin against the wall. You should be able to remove the bin when the gate has opened

Sliding Gates

  • Place a dustbin in the middle of the gate pathway. The gate should not close when operated
  • Place a dustbin behind the gates and press to open. The gates should not move
  • Push a dustbin toward the gate when it is closing. The gate should stop and go back slightly
  • When the gate is opening try to hold the gate at the leading edge. The gate should be capable of being stopped with a light force
  • If the gate has a paling infill push a stick between the gates. The gate should stop when the stick comes into contact with the support posts from any position

If your gates are failing any of these simple checks then please contact us and we can help, we have a wide range of safety photocells, safety edges and 24v motors that have in-built obstacle detection.

Tel 01202-717191

List courtesy of Gate Safe


New Mhouse range of Sliding Gate Automation

Our Mhouse range of sliding gate automation can be suitable for small and light gates to large and heavy. Starting off with the Mhouse SL1 Sliding Gate Kit, it will cope with a maximum weight of 350kg and a maximum width of 5m. It comes with colour coded terminals on the control unit, using ECSBus technology (Easy Connection System) which will give you a much more simple installation when fitting the automation. It takes just 18 seconds to fully open and close and supports battery backup being a 24v motor.

The other sliding gate kit from Mhouse is the Mhouse SL10 Sliding Gate Kit which takes 23 seconds to open and close. It can cope with a maximum weight of 500kg and a maximum width of 7m. Just like the SL1 it supports battery backup, useful if you get any power outages.

All data sheets and installation manuals can be viewed before a purchase is made just by the right hand side of the product page marked as ‘Downloads’. They are in a pdf format and will require certain software to view, e.g. ‘PDF Complete’. Any other queries about our Mhouse range do not hesitate to contact us.


New Mhouse range of Articulated Arm Gate Automation

Continuing the new range of Mhouse, which is particularly beneficial over other automation due to its user-friendly instructions, simplified installation and fast opening times, there are many articulated armed kits great for double gates. Articulated arms are particularly useful when you have deep posts or pillars and need to mount the motor slightly away from the gate. The arm will reach round and automate your gate just as well.

Starting off with the Mhouse WK2 Double Gate Kit which is installed near the bottom of your posts or pillars. It will take a maximum weight of 200kg per leaf and a maximum width of 1.8m per leaf. This gate kit takes just 10 seconds to fully open and close and can like the other kits support a battery backup. We also have the Mhouse WS2 Double Gate Kit which is installed slightly further up on the posts or pillars and is suitable for gates with a maximum weight of 200kg per leaf and a maximum width of 2m per leaf. This has a 15 second opening and closing time, also being a 24v motor it will support a battery backup.


New Mhouse range – Linear Arm Gate Automation

We have extended our range even further here at GateMotors, now introducing the new ‘Mhouse range’. This range stands out from the rest due to a few reasons. Firstly, fitting gate automation is obviously a process where it is recommended you follow our instruction guide(s). We have tried to make this even easier as one of our technical guys recently re-wrote all of the instructions for all the kits that are our own automation. This has helped a lot of people out with the whole process and leaves a happy consumer at the end of the day. What the Mhouse range shine in is having a very simple step-by-step instruction guide which is very precise and easy to understand. This can also be viewed as a pdf download, like the other kits on the right hand side of the product page viewing any Mhouse gate kit, before or after purchase. As well as the user-friendly instruction guide, integrated into the Mhouse range is ECSBus technology (Easy Connection System) which has colour coded terminals and allows a simple ‘plug ‘n play’ action to the control board during the installation process.

The other reason Mhouse seem to do particularly well is because of its gate opening times. For example the Mhouse WG2 Double Swing Gate Opener can open and close in just 15 seconds. This may not mean much to you but it is very impressive for gate automation, and certainly out-does our other automation’s.

These kits include motors with linear arms, just like other automation we sell such as the Kit Diamond or the Kit Toona. The Mhouse linear arms consist of the Mhouse WG2 Double Swing Gate Kit which is suitable for a gate up to 250kg in weight per leaf and 2m in width maximum per leaf. Because of it being a 24v motor there is a battery backup option which is great if you suffer from any power outages. There is also a Mhouse WG20 Double Swing Gate Kit suitable for a gate up to 450kg in weight per leaf and 4.5m in width maximum per leaf, which will also support a battery backup option. The WG20 can be sold as a single kit as well which is called the WG10 for those who have a single gate.


Also now up on the website is the range of Mhouse Alarm Systems which provide absolute security all over your home while being compatible with your Mhouse gate automation system. Comes with portable touch screen for easy configuration and activation of the system. Infrared movement detectors for installing at various points throughout the house. 4-channel radio transmitter for easy portable configuration of alarm system. A badge transponder (with the Mhouse MAK5 Kit) which allows a simple wave in front of the proximity reader to activate or deactivate the system. And much more!


Open your gate automation with HomeLink Control

HomeLink, by Johnson Controls is an alternative way to access your property from the regular key switches, keypads, keyfobs or intercom systems that we sell. HomeLink is something that can be installed in your car dashboard which is simply a push of a button to open your gate, and can even be used for other automation if you have it. e.g garage door. So if you are regularly coming in and out of your property in a car then this is a great addition to your automation.

To find out whether your existing automation works with HomeLink, or if you are looking to buy automation which works with HomeLink then you will need to contact us on 01202717191. The Nice range of automation is a brand which it will work with and one of the many brands we sell, however it is only specific models that will be suitable.


Multiple Call Points from one Intercom System

Recently we have had inquiries about having an Intercom System which will allow more than one call point to be wired up. This is 100% possible. So for example if you have two entrances to your property and want to be able to access both with the same Intercom System, then you can purchase an additional call point, whether it be with a keypad or without, to wire up to it. The Enterview range is the brand in which this will work and they are available straight from our website. The Enterview 5 colour video intercom system will do just the job, with an option to add an extra colour camera with keypad faceplate. This is what you’ll need to purchase in order to have two call points. It is also available with the other Enterview 5′s such as the Enterview 5 colour video system without keypad and the Mono video intercom system, with or without a keypad, depending on which Intercom you have.

The option to purchase an extra call point is available straight in the ‘add to basket section’ on the links provided. If you have any further queries about this do not hesitate to contact us.


New Multi-way Intercom Kits

Here at GateMotors we wanted to make it easier for customers to choose to have more than 1 way communication from our intercoms. We have just made a new category called Multiway Intercom Kits which allows 2, 3 and 4 way communication. This is great if you have different points in your property you’d like to answer incoming calls from for example. Ideal for flats etc. You also have the choice to add an additional handset in the ‘add to basket section’ and there can be up to 3 per flat.

We have a Farfisa Audio Intercom with Keypad which is available in a surface mounted type or a flush mounted type. The simple two wire connection will allow easy installation. Also available is the Farfisa Profilo Exhito Audio Intercom which also comes in a surface mounted type or flush mounted type, but does not come with a keypad. The green back-lit lighting provides excellent visibility and stylish design any time of the day. Both these intercoms have 1+1 technology meaning simple two wire connection.

Colour Video Intercoms also now available as multiway, see Farfisa colour video intercom without a keypad and also Farfisa colour video intercom with a keypad. They are available 2, 3 and 4 way.