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Wireless Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are an easy way to work with your electric gates to improve the safety and security of your property. They come in many different versions with many different options. One of the most popular intercom systems is a wireless system. This means there are no wires between the gate and the house, therefore [...]

How does the postman deliver, once my gates are in place?

If there is no other separate pedestrian entrance, then you have the option of a separate Post Box, (possibly built into the gate), a Digital Keypad on the gate pillar to allowing your tradesmen (or friends) to open the gate by keying a coded number (the code can be easily changed if security is compromised [...]

When the gate is closed how do visitors let me know they are there and gain access?

You would usually have a wireless bell or a Two-Way Intercom System at the gate. We have many different options available such as black and white Audio and Colour Systems, and black and white Video and Colour Systems.

What is an Gate Intercom System?

A Gate Intercom System lets you control who has access to your property, they work with our gate automation kits for your ease and security. There are several things to consider when choosing an Intercom System for your electric gates: Do you want a wired or wireless Intercom System? Do you want an audio or [...]