Our best selling gate kits

Some of our best selling gate kits are the Proteco above ground systems. This includes the Kit MyAster and the Kit Diamond.

Have a single gate? Click for the Kit MyAster or the Kit Diamond.

One of the reasons they are so popular is because of their low price. Starting from just £278.36+VAT they can be suitable for many applications, coming in different versions depending on the width and weight of the gates.

We usually suggest the MyAster to people with wooden gates and the Diamond to people with metal gates. The Diamond has a more slimline design and can open slightly faster than the MyAster, but the MyAster comes in more versions and is cheaper than the Diamond.


One of our best selling underground kits is by Nice Automation and is called the Nice MetroKit. This also comes in different versions (230v or 24v). Underground automation is slightly more work to install, but is a more attractive solution.


If you have a sliding gate then the Kit MyStrike by Proteco is one of our best sellers. This again is mainly because of its low price and the fact it covers most gates we come across. Some people opt for one of the Nice RobusKit’s if it is going on a more industrial property, as it will be able to cope with more cycles per hour.