Maintaining your gate motors/automation during the winter

In periods of Cold weather, like a car, your motors may have trouble starting up from a stationary position. Below are some hints and general tips for promoting ongoing happy life of the automation:


1) Increase the torque level by at least 2 to 3 levels to what you see on the parameter – Remember, to trail the new setting before comitting. The motors are only designed to move the weight of the gate only and nothing else. You should be able to still hold on to the leading edge of the gate leaf and be able to stop it. If the gate drags you along with it, the torque is too high.

NOTE: In the Summer periods, the motors may work more quickly and forcefully. Remember to adjust the torque setting back down to compensate. It’s like balancing the scales when it comes to Cold then Hot conditions.

2) Greasing using liquid parafin on the stainless steel arms. The motors are encased in machine grease which is water soluable. There is no maintenance required with greasing of the internal cogs

3) Aid weatherproofing – ensure the linear motor is attached to the gate with atleast a 4mm – 8mm decline MAX. This aids standing water to drain off the stainless steel piping when the gate is in a closed position. If water comes into contact with the machine grease inside the motor, the grease disperses and the gears will start to squeak and often jam.

4) Grease your gate hinges – If the gate can move freely by hand, the motor will move it easily with minimum force. The more force that is used, the more strain the motor is under.

5) Clean the Photocells – The photocells are a safety device and as such are pinicle to the automation. Without them, the gate will not respond to your commands. There are 12-24v constantly buzzing around the photocells making them an attractive warm home for insects. They love to nest over the sensors and it scatters the Infrared beams. Clean out the photocell lenses, ensure units are insect free – use silicone sealant to seal any cracks or gaps in the casings.


You can also check the FAQ section of our website.

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