New Nice Inti range of remotes

Nice have just brought out a new range of remotes called Inti!

The remotes replace the FloR range and come in six different colours. Click on Nice Inti Remote to purchase and read about the new range.


Nice have also brought out a universal kit which includes three of the Inti remotes and a Nice receiver, in order to use those remotes on other brands of automation. This is a great replacement if you need additional key fobs which you can no longer purchase, maybe because of the different frequency. With this kit you would still be able to use your old fobs, you’d just be plugging in a new receiver and you save yourself a lot of money compared to buying a new FAAC receiver and then the remotes on top of that. The Nice Inti Universal Kit is only compatible with 12/24v systems.

Click on the Nice Inti Universal Control System to purchase and read more about it.


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