Intercom Systems with large radius’

Intercoms have always been designed to supply you with easy access control as well as being safe and secure. The range in which they can operate may play an important part in your purchase process as the distance from the intercom to the handset will always vary from customer to customer so it is essential we recommend you the right one. People looking to automate gates are always in different situations, for example purchasing an intercom for a farm automated gate may be a greater distance away from the property to the gate than for a house or flat.

To make sure you make the right choice, if you are looking for an intercom system which can cope with very long distances then the Comelit Wired Audio Intercom with Single Handset will cope with a maximum distance of 400 metres. This will certainly cater for most peoples needs and it is the widest range we do. If you don’t need something with such a high radius then you could take into consideration the Videx 8000 Audio Kit or the Farfisa Profilo Panel Video Intercom which will both do up to 200 metres, depending if you’d like an audio or video intercom. The type of cable used on intercoms will usually vary depending on the length you choose to have. This information is available to view in our technical/installation guides available on each product page. The intercoms shared here are some of many that we sell so do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help.