New Mhouse range of Sliding Gate Automation

Our Mhouse range of sliding gate automation can be suitable for small and light gates to large and heavy. Starting off with the Mhouse SL1 Sliding Gate Kit, it will cope with a maximum weight of 350kg and a maximum width of 5m. It comes with colour coded terminals on the control unit, using ECSBus technology (Easy Connection System) which will give you a much more simple installation when fitting the automation. It takes just 18 seconds to fully open and close and supports battery backup being a 24v motor.

The other sliding gate kit from Mhouse is the Mhouse SL10 Sliding Gate Kit which takes 23 seconds to open and close. It can cope with a maximum weight of 500kg and a maximum width of 7m. Just like the SL1 it supports battery backup, useful if you get any power outages.

All data sheets and installation manuals can be viewed before a purchase is made just by the right hand side of the product page marked as ‘Downloads’. They are in a pdf format and will require certain software to view, e.g. ‘PDF Complete’. Any other queries about our Mhouse range do not hesitate to contact us.