New Mhouse range – Linear Arm Gate Automation

We have extended our range even further here at GateMotors, now introducing the new ‘Mhouse range’. This range stands out from the rest due to a few reasons. Firstly, fitting gate automation is obviously a process where it is recommended you follow our instruction guide(s). We have tried to make this even easier as one of our technical guys recently re-wrote all of the instructions for all the kits that are our own automation. This has helped a lot of people out with the whole process and leaves a happy consumer at the end of the day. What the Mhouse range shine in is having a very simple step-by-step instruction guide which is very precise and easy to understand. This can also be viewed as a pdf download, like the other kits on the right hand side of the product page viewing any Mhouse gate kit, before or after purchase. As well as the user-friendly instruction guide, integrated into the Mhouse range is ECSBus technology (Easy Connection System) which has colour coded terminals and allows a simple ‘plug ‘n play’ action to the control board during the installation process.

The other reason Mhouse seem to do particularly well is because of its gate opening times. For example the Mhouse WG2 Double Swing Gate Opener can open and close in just 15 seconds. This may not mean much to you but it is very impressive for gate automation, and certainly out-does our other automation’s.

These kits include motors with linear arms, just like other automation we sell such as the Kit Diamond or the Kit Toona. The Mhouse linear arms consist of the Mhouse WG2 Double Swing Gate Kit which is suitable for a gate up to 250kg in weight per leaf and 2m in width maximum per leaf. Because of it being a 24v motor there is a battery backup option which is great if you suffer from any power outages. There is also a Mhouse WG20 Double Swing Gate Kit suitable for a gate up to 450kg in weight per leaf and 4.5m in width maximum per leaf, which will also support a battery backup option. The WG20 can be sold as a single kit as well which is called the WG10 for those who have a single gate.


Also now up on the website is the range of Mhouse Alarm Systems which provide absolute security all over your home while being compatible with your Mhouse gate automation system. Comes with portable touch screen for easy configuration and activation of the system. Infrared movement detectors for installing at various points throughout the house. 4-channel radio transmitter for easy portable configuration of alarm system. A badge transponder (with the Mhouse MAK5 Kit) which allows a simple wave in front of the proximity reader to activate or deactivate the system. And much more!