Automatic Electric Gate Safety/Security for Schools – Ofsted Requirements

Ofsted are trying to issue new guidelines to make schools aware of the issue of security, as there have been many cases of millions of pounds being lost through damage and theft. Many schools have gates that will secure entrances into the school. While these are securely shut and locked at night, there is usually no monitoring of visitors during the day, so anybody could be accessing the school potentially without being seen or noticed.

Here at GateMotors, not only are all our automation kits irreversible when installed, you will be able to purchase various extra safety and security measures that would be fit for a school. Depending on the type of gates you have, whether it be wooden, metal, swing gates, sliding gates, our Gate Wizard will help you choose the exact automation you need.

For safety measures, we recommend all our customers to purchase an additional pair of photocells when purchasing our gate kits. This is because photocells will stop the gate opening or closing if somebody is going through it. But it will only pick it up on the inside or outside of the gate (wherever installed) because there is only one set included in the kit. Purchasing another set will make sure the gate automation is stopped on both sides of the gate. Also available for swing or sliding gates are Gate Safety Edges which will fit on the the edge of the gate and will protect against possible crushing with its soft rubber edge.

For security measures, Intercoms with Keypads are a popular and secure choice which will allow schools to be able to communicate with the guest while they’re outside the property and would be able to dismiss if required. Due to the large scale of a school, looking at an Intercom with a high range may be necessary. The Daitem 5732 Wireless Intercom can range up to 400m and its wireless technology will make it a lot easier to install.