Why should I buy Gate Automation? Is it worth it?

At the back of some peoples minds there may be a thought lurking, ‘Do I really need this‘?

Here at Gate Motors we have tried to supply you with as much relevant information as we can to help you decide whether Gate Automation is the right move for you. With many pictures and diagrams showing you exactly how Gate Automation looks and works. Our Kit Diamond being shown there, and the many more we have are from our very happy customers who sent their pictures to us, have never regretted their one off purchase.

Some of the benefits of Gate Automation for example are: not only do they make your home more secure but they also add a level of grandeur and style to your home. Furthermore, they make entry to your property easier – you don’t have to leave your car in order to open the gates. Similarly, they can be opened remotely from inside your property to allow someone else entry.

We also try and help you even more with the right choice using our Gate Wizard which guides you through, step by step the exact Gate Kit that will be necessary for your own gate. This will make sure you’re not overpaying and picking the wrong kit. This information is very helpful when looking to purchase a Gate Kit:

Which Gate System Suits Me?

The following list of questions will help determine which system may suit your needs.

  • Where is the nearest power supply?
  • Single or twin gates?
  • How wide is the gate, or each leaf?
  • How high is the gate? Each model has size and weight limits, so you will need to check the each model’s datasheet (downloadable from this website) against your own installation.
  • Is the gate made from steel or wood?
  • Is the gate an open design or a filled in solid design (solid acts as a sail in the wind and therefore needs a more powerful motor)? Completely filled in wooden gates need to be may present an artificially high weight to the motor due to wind loading, and this needs to be accounted for.
  • Is the ground level around the gate, what is the rise and fall?
  • If you have a double gate would the stop be too high in the middle of the drive? It is essential to have mechanical stops in the open and closed position.
  • What room do you have around the gate hinges and posts?


We always want to help you as much as possible so do not hesitate to contact us for pre-sales advice on 01202717191.