Benefits and Drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors

Here at Gate Motors we only supply worm-driven motors. There are a number of reasons for this and here are the benefits and drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors:

Benefits of Hydraulic gate systems

  • Hydraulics in general are more powerful than gear driven openers
  • Hydraulics require less maintenance, all that is needed is to check the fluid level and make sure the opener is operating properly
  • Hydraulics are around the same price as worm-driven motors
  • A longer lasting life
  • Hydraulics work as well in cold temperatures and overall better in different weather conditions
  • They can be made non-locking to avoid damage when hit by vehicles relying on other forms of locking
  • They do not have to work at full power when operating large gates
  • Hydraulic openers are self-contained. There are no external parts and the hydraulic pump is built into the unit.

Drawbacks of Hydraulic gate systems

  • Prone to damage to internal seals caused by high pressure from vehicular collision
  • Hydraulic fluid is highly corrosive to most of the aircraft materials
  • If disposed improperly, a hydraulic fluid is an environmental risk
  • More complex than worm-driven motors
  • You must filter oils in hydraulic systems on a regular basis to ensure that the hydraulic fluid contains no broken particles, as well as to eliminate harmful damaging air pockets
  • Hydraulic systems can develop loud banging noises, which result from air entering the hydraulic fluids.

Benefits of Worm-Driven gate systems

  • Powerful and reliable machines that will offer years of service
  • Worm drive motors are ideal if you decide to retro-fit automation at a later date
  • Only require periodic maintenance
  • Can be fitted with solar panel kits to operate without high voltage power
  • They take up little space and offer quiet operation
  • Battery backup in case of a power cut.


Drawbacks of Worm-Driven gate systems

  • On some occasions worm-driven motors can be more expensive than hydraulic
  • AC motors cannot provide variable speeds, whereas DC motors can.


We supply many of our Gate Kits from a company called Proteco which are made in Italy. We are the main supplier in the UK of Proteco Gate Kits. We also stock brands such as Came and Nice. The main reason we do not stock hydraulic motors are because our suppliers don’t manufacture them. They may start arriving to the brands we deal with in the future, but at the moment they supply only worm-driven motors.