Replacement Remotes for Electric Gates

If you’re looking for replacement remotes or additional remotes for your gate system, we have a wide range compatible with our Nice Automation range, our Came Automation range, and all our other Gate Kits. These are also a product which we are discounting phenomenally if you buy in a set of 3 or 5 on certain remotes.

Our 5 for the price of 4 black keyfobs is an offer not to miss out on suitable for all kits apart from Nice and Came. Came also have the same offer, found here. These slim, stylish and easy to handle remotes are all available on our website.

You may be looking for a Universal Remote Keyfob which goes that step further and allows you to control cars, gates, garage door openers, barriers, home security systems and more! This can all be done in 2 quick and easy steps shown below the description.

Whatever remote you’re after they’ll be up and running as soon as they’re out the box, additional remotes being perfect for extra family/friends/colleagues who need access to your gate. Our Came Remotes & Keyfobs and also Nice Remotes & Keyfobs are compatible with their own Gate Kits.