What is there to alert me that my gate is in operation?

The purpose of flashing gate signal lights are simple but effective. They are a great attraction to let people know when the gate is in use at the very time that it is. It can be a sign for children to not touch or go near the gate when this flashing light is on for example. Our Nice Lucy / Flashing Signal Light is highly cost effective with the additional options of adding an external aerial and support brackets to give it that extra sturdiness.

Our Nice Moonlight / Flashing Signal Light does not need support brackets and comes in either a white or orange colour. It has an internal timer and stays active for the time that is individually programmed into it.

Stepping away from Nice, this Flashing Warning Light may be suitable for those who want something a little more discrete. It includes a 10w lamp and can be placed, like the other Signal Lights wherever you choose to put them.

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