Proteco Gate Motor Spare Parts

We have a full range of Proteco spares for all types of Proteco gate motors. Maybe you’ve inherited a gate system with your property or you just want to get a replacement Proteco part.

We stock the full range of Proteco gate automations, including majority of Proteco spare parts but not all. Any specific parts can be obtained from our factory direct for any range of the gate automation and accessories.

We can offer next day delivery at a charge for any urgent deliveries needed and provide full pre-sale support as well as comprehensive after-sale support (paid support) including free technical support via email –

Upon request, we supply technical installation guides for all of our automations and often can design suggested automation layout’s to achieve your customers gate automation needs. These installation guides are available to download through our website, along with the majority of the accessories. If there is any specific guides you request that are not available through the website, you may contact us for supply.