Photocells are important!

As we have heard from recent news, electric gates can be a lethal weapon if not installed and set up correctly. Kanye West has just witnessed his £500,000 car get crushed by electric swing gates. You can read more about the article by clicking on Kanye West’s £500K Lamborghini crushed by Kim Kardashian’s electric gates.

All it would’ve taken to avoid the situation was to have photocells in place! We at GateMotors always try and recommend to have atleast two pairs of photocells, one pair on the outside of the gates and one pair on the inside. Kim Kardashian may well have had photocells on one side of the gate, but not having two pairs you are very much at risk!

Photocells are a safety device which come in a pair and are installed on either side of the driveway. They produce an invisible beam which if broken, will stop the gates from operating.


Safety comes first with all Gate Automation – GateMotors Safety+ Kits

We believe that all gate automation should be installed with safety in mind. With nearly all of our gate kits comes as standard, one pair of safety photocells. Photocells are a safety device and are sold as a pair. They are installed on either side of the driveway, on the inside or outside of the gates. They consist of a transmitter and receiver, and produce an invisible beam which if broken will stop the gates completely from opening or closing.

However, we at GateMotors would recommend additional safety features which can be added to any gate automation at any time. Firstly, just by adding an additional set of photocells you are going to greatly reduce the risk of the gate closing onto anybody or anything. Having a set on either side of the gates ensures nothing will become trapped while entering or exiting the property.

You can find the purchase options for additional pairs of photocells on each kit page.

Another great and easy safety solution is our emergency stop button, which will allow anybody to stop the gates in case of an emergency. This can be viewed on our website by clicking on emergency stop button.

We now have dedicated kits to ensure safety is the number one priority. For example our Kit MyAster and Kit Diamond all come in a ‘Safety+’ version which include two pairs of photocells and an emergency stop button.

Lastly, for either swing or sliding gates you can add safety edges. Safety edges will not only provide a soft gate edge, but has in-built sensors which means if someone comes up to the edges and makes contact, this will fling the gate into reverse. To view our swing and sliding gate safety edges click on swing/sliding gate safety edges.


Our Special Offers at GateMotors

We at GateMotors always try to give you the customer, the very best deal. We offer a price match guarantee on nearly everything we sell, and now have a dedicated section of special offers that get regular updates.

To view our current deals click on Special Offers. We have a range of gate motors, gate automation kits, including new and reconditioned, along with access control systems such as GSM openers and intercom systems.


If you would like to place an order for anything on the website, you can do so online or by giving us a call on 01202-717191.


Our best selling gate kits

Some of our best selling gate kits are the Proteco above ground systems. This includes the Kit MyAster and the Kit Diamond.

Have a single gate? Click for the Kit MyAster or the Kit Diamond.

One of the reasons they are so popular is because of their low price. Starting from just £278.36+VAT they can be suitable for many applications, coming in different versions depending on the width and weight of the gates.

We usually suggest the MyAster to people with wooden gates and the Diamond to people with metal gates. The Diamond has a more slimline design and can open slightly faster than the MyAster, but the MyAster comes in more versions and is cheaper than the Diamond.


One of our best selling underground kits is by Nice Automation and is called the Nice MetroKit. This also comes in different versions (230v or 24v). Underground automation is slightly more work to install, but is a more attractive solution.


If you have a sliding gate then the Kit MyStrike by Proteco is one of our best sellers. This again is mainly because of its low price and the fact it covers most gates we come across. Some people opt for one of the Nice RobusKit’s if it is going on a more industrial property, as it will be able to cope with more cycles per hour.


Gate Control Board Checks and Maintenance – Sealing Cable Glands

One very worthwhile check with electronics and gate automation is making sure cable glands for the wiring are properly sealed. If you have a look at the picture below you will see an example of one not properly sealed:

By keeping it sealed you stop any slugs or insects crawling across the control board and shorting the components. If this were to happen it could lead to damage on the board and possible halting of gate operation.

This is an example picture sent in by one of our customers who is using our Proteco Simply system.


iSmart Gate Opener – Open your automated gate/garage door using your Smartphone

The iSmartGateOpener is a new technology which enables you to use your Smartphone to open your gates.

In order for you to download the application which is needed to be able to open the gates, you will need a mobile phone running on Apples iOS (for iPhone) or Google’s android operating system.

You have the option of purchasing the iSmart opener which is connected via wired ethernet or the other which has built in Wi-Fi.


There are various benefits of having the iSmart system.

In this new digital age almost all of us will go out with our mobile phone on us. This means if you have iSmart, it will never matter if you don’t have your gate remote on you. If you have a fair few residents who are coming in and out of the property, this also saves buying a remote for each of them. When you weigh up the price of a remote, and consider the fact a lot of people end up loosing them over time so spend even more on a replacement, the iSmart system is definitely one to consider.

Click on iSmart Gate Opener to read and purchase.



GateMotors Gate Automation Instruction/Installation Guides

We try and make it easier for customers to find the right information they want by including all the relevant data sheets, instruction guides and installation guides on each product page.

One of our most popular products is the Kit MyAster which you will find all the guides to on the right hand side of the page under a section marked ‘Downloads’.

This means before you purchase you are able to see entirely what the installation procedure consists of therefore you can plan ahead making it much easier in the long run.


This is the same with all the accessories and access control.


If there are any other guides you require that you cannot find on our site then do not hesitate to give our sales team a call on 01202-717191.


GSM Intercom System / Mobile Gate Opener

Our GSM Intercom System can be a popular feature to add to gate automation in order to easily open and close the gates. The GSM Intercom Unit is made by Videx and comes in different versions depending on what is suitable for your installation. The difference between the GSM intercom and a normal intercom is the GSM can call your landline or mobile phone whereas with a normal intercom it would only be able to call the handset which comes with it.

You can have just 1 caller button on the unit, for it to be set to call one telephone number, and if that is not answered it to divert through to a different number. Or we sell it with up to 10 caller buttons for you to assign it to call many different numbers if required. This is good if the gate is for two or more properties.


There is also the option of adding a keypad to the unit so that you are able to type in a code to access the gates. Good for close friends and family to know so they don’t have to carry a key fob on them and won’t have to call the telephone each time they want to get in.

You would have to supply your own sim-card for this unit which would charge you for making phone calls.


The GSM mobile gate opener may interest you too. This allows you to call the unit anywhere in the world to open the gates. Good if you have a lot of family/friends/colleagues who you don’t want to have to buy key fobs all for. You would have to buy a sim-card for this unit also however it wouldn’t charge you for a call. As soon as it recognises the number it will open the gates (if that number has been inputted into the unit).




The importance of Electric Locks

Electric locks can be an essential accessory when installing gate automation. Electric locks are usually required for installation on gates that are over 3m in width, as recommended by all electric gate manufacturers. The purpose of an electric lock is to keep the gate firmly shut and locked in place, as with a long gate you sometimes get play or flex at the end.

It also highly protects the motors as we sometimes come across customers needing to purchase replacement spare parts or in some cases entire motors due to someone forcing the gates open when the motors are installed. If this happened with an electric lock installed, all the force would be applied to the lock and not onto the motors. You MUST in all circumstances disengage the motors with the release key which would have been included in the original kit, before trying to manually push the gates.

To determine whether to get a vertical or horizontal lock, we usually suggest a horizontal for a single gate and a vertical for double gates as the vertical lock can be installed in the middle of the gates at the bottom as a metal base would be fixed to the ground.


We have an Electric Locks category on our website which you can find the lock most relevant to your purchase or future purchase. If it’s for a Nice automation kit for example then you will need the Nice PLA10 or PLA11 electric lock.


Unsure about this? Call our sales team on 01202-717191. Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30.


Sliding Gate Automation Kits

Need to automate a sliding gate? We sell all different kinds of sliding gate kits which are suitable for both residential and industrial installations.

Just need a standard opener? The kit MyStrike and MyRoller start from around £330 and can cope with gates of a small to large dimension depending on the model selected. The benefit of going with one of these sliding gate kits is the rack which attaches onto the gate is included in the kit, whereas the others you will have to purchase it separately. The MyStrike and MyRoller motors come with a 3 year warranty and are one of our best selling kits.


Looking for a middle to top of the range opener? I suggest you have a look at the Nice Automation brand as they have motors with additional features. Nice provide a vast range of standard to very high powerful motors suitable for gates of truly large dimensions.

An example of one of their standard openers would be the RobusKit 400. This would still come with safety features such as obstacle detection, opening and closing limit stops taking away the need for physical ground stops, and the support of a backup battery in case a power cut occurs.


Have a more heavy duty gate? The Nice RunKit can cope with a gate up to whopping 2500kg depending on the model selected.