Nice O-View Control Unit & 7 Day Timer

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1 x Nice O-View Unit
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Nice O-View Unit
Nice O-View unit for control, programming and diagnostics of devices equipped with BUS T4 connection. £182.40 Add to cart

Nice O-View Bluetooth Module
Nice O-View bluetooth module for O-View, also comes with "O-View Software Suite" application compatible with PCs, PDAs or a Smartphones. £218.00 Add to cart

Nice O-View GSM Module
Nice O-View GSM module, also includes "O-View Software Suite" application compatible with PCs, PDAs or Smartphones. £314.40 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This product has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Unit for control, programming and diagnostics for devices equipped with Nice BUS T4 connection, on site or remotely via GPRS as it is able to connect with your PDA, Smartphone or PC.

Although predominantly a programming unit for Nice automation, this item does have the added feature of being able to program the delivery of commands at a set time allowing it to work as a 7 day timer. The unit must be wired to the control board but can operate on a cat5e connection from the control unit to the house, allowing local management of the gates as well as 7 day timer functionality.

Advanced management of automation systems also at a distance: the multi-function display O-View is connected directly to the compatible control unit via a BUS TV cable (2m cable supplied), enabling access to all control unit parameters to adapt the system to all needs. By connecting O-View permanently to a control unit or group of control units via BUS T4, a network can be created for local or remote centralised management.

Simple programming mode with intuitive menus valid for each product, with no need to consult the specific instructions.

O-View powers up and automatically recognises all devices on the network as soon as it is connected, displaying only the specific parameters of the device on which to intervene.

In the case of several devices on the network the BUS T4 address is identifiable by means of a text label personalised as required, enabling rapid recognition of the associated device.

Programmable: thanks to the built-in clock, it is also possible (with integrated backup battery) to program delivery of commands at a set time (like our 7 day timer), for example to automate opening and closing of complex industrial and commerical systems or for the creation of "scenarios".

A practical wall-mounted support supplied.

Safe: two passwords- protected levels.

Practical: O-View is your portable office, and can be connected just when programming or for maintenance, or can be installed permanently on site to exploit all the benefits of local or remote centralised management.


Please note: if you would like the unit to sit inside the property (for use as a 7 day timer) then you can use CAT5e cable up to 200m long.


OVBT (optional accessory)

Bluetooth connection module for O-View interface including "O-View Software Suite" application for PC, PDA or Smartphone.

"O-View Software Suite" (disc supplied) enables connection via PC or PDA to O-View in the vicinity of the system, to intervene on the control units on the BUS T4 network. Maximum connection distance 15m. 

The interface of "O-View Software Suite" has been specially designed to enable rapid access to all parameters of the connected devices without the need for physical access, as well as quick diagnostics of malfunctions by consulting the event log, all the most practical and intuitive ways possible.

The O-View control function has been expanded: on just one PC screen, all applications connected via BUS T4 can be controlled.


OVBTGSM (optional accessory)

GSM module for O-View interface including "O-View Software Suite" application for PC, PDA or Smartphone.

In addition to the benefits of the OVBT module, the automation or network of automations can now be controlled via GSM by connecting O-View to the system via BUS T4.

A GPRS connection also enables connection via the internet to O-View to obtain all management functions offered by the software from any location with no need for presence on site.

The user can remotely control the automation via GSM, from any of the enabled numbers, and check status, such as opening a gate by means of a phone call or by sending 4 different controls VIA SMS text message, with the security offered by entry of a unique password.


O-View Software Suite (supplied with OVBT & OVBTGSM)

This application expands the functions of O-View which enables the creation of a database of installations with personal data of clients and configurations of each system, even on more complex versions.

There are two versions of software: "O-View Desktop" designed for installation on a PC and "O-View Mobile" which enables use of the functions of the desktop version on a smaller screen of a PDA or Smartphone.

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