Nice FLOX2 Universal Receiver

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1 x Nice FLOX Receiver

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Nice FLOX2 Universal Receiver
2 channel universal 433Mhz fixed code receiver £67.28 Add to cart
Nice FLO1 keyfob
Nice 1 Channel FLO1 Remote
Nice 1 channel remote. Compatible with FLOX1 receiver £23.70 Add to cart
Nice FLO2 keyfob
Nice 2 Channel FLO2 Remote
Nice 2 channel remote. Compatible with the FLOX2 receiver £25.00 Add to cart


FLOX2 - Universal receiver with 2 channels

Can be used with any fixed code (dipswitch ) 433Mhz transmitter ie FLO1/FLO2/FLO3/FLO4/VE or other compatible transimitters.

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