Nice Kit Hyppo - Articulated Gate Opener

Kit Contents

1  x Kit Hyppo motors
1  x Folding arm & fixings
2  x Wired Safety Photocells
1  x Electronic Control Unit (with in-built 100m aerial)
2  x Remote Keyfob Controllers
1  x Override Key (for power cuts)
2  x Brackets with fixings & fittings
1  x Instruction Sheet

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Nice Solemyo Kit
Nice Solemyo Kit. Includes 1x 24v Photovoltaic solar panel (SYP), 1x 24v Battery box with control circuit (PSY24), 1x Power supply unit for charging the battery from mains supply (SYA1). £570.00 Add to cart

Nice Solemyo Battery
Easy to carry with its handles, the battery box keeps the electrical energy produced by the solar panel in the distributing of a continuous and ongoing process throughout the day. £234.66 Add to cart

Nice O-View Unit
Nice O-View unit for control, programming and diagnostics of devices equipped with BUS T4 connection. The O-View is essential if using a Nice solar powered kit. It will put the system into a standby mode when not in use to save power. £160.81 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 2 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

The GateMotors Kit Hyppo articulated arm kits are quick and easy to install and ideal for DIY installation or gates installed between brick or stone pillars with leaves up to three metres each, especially where the GateMotors Kit Aster or Kit Diamond can’t be fitted.

It can be fitted to gates that open inwards without the need for special modification, this kit also has in-built double limit-switches in both the opening & closing phase so physical gate stops are not required.

Opening angles of up-to 115° may be achieved dependent on gate hinge position. The operators are non-reversible and therefore don’t need the inconvenience or expense of an additional electric lock to keep them closed.

Easy installation, with adjustable accessories and brackets. Incorporated release key. Pivoted arm transmission adjustable and anti-shearing safety. The perfect integration of its components ensures the greatest quietness.

It is designed for intensive use by using a die-casting structure made of quality aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel. The fluid-grease lubrication system and the built-in thermal protection ensure a long-lasting working life in any weather conditions without the need for periodic maintenance.


If you are purchasing the HyppoKit 4 you will receive the MC824H control unit and the MOFB outdoor photocells.


The 24v Kit Hyppo is fully compatible with our solar panel Nice Solemyo Kit

Nice HyppoKit

 Installation Hint:

When fitting the gate brackets to a wooden gate, we recommend that you insert stainless steel tubing (just large enough to sleeve the mounting bolt threads, and 1mm shorter than the thickness of the wood) through the gate mounting holes.

This will prevent over-tightening of the mounting bolts, and also avoid the repetitive push-pull on the mounting bolts from damaging the wood.

For more information on the electrical cabling requirements for this system please see our electric gate cabling guide.

Nice HyppoKit

Kit Hyppo optional upgrades and accessories include:

    * underground exit loop (detects the presence of a vehicle and automatically opens the gate)
    * extra photocells
    * additional key fobs
    * intercom kit
    * extended range (external) aerial

Please Note: It is solely the responsibility of the recipient or the client / specifier – to ensure that the products described are suitable for purpose (see fitting guide under downloads) & comply with the relevant building regulations.

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