Mhouse WG10s - Single Swing Gate Automation Kit

Kit Contents

1 x WG10SK electromechanical worm gear motor with 3 release keys and adjustable brackets
1 x CL20S external control unit with integrated variable code receiver
2 x GTX4 4 button variable code transmitters with dashboard support
1 x PH1 pair of wall-mounted autosynchronised photocells
1 x FL100 adjustable flashing light, with built-in aerial
1 x Instruction Manual

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SPECIAL OFFER Mhouse WG10s 24v 200 kg 130 4.5m Linear Ram, Single Kit, Ambidextrous £355.00 ex VAT
£426.00 incVAT
RRP £882.00 incVAT
Save 51%
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Optional additional accessories for Mhouse WG10s - Single Swing Gate Automation Kit

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Emergency Stop Button - Twist Release
This is an essential item for all gate automation systems and should be installed in a place visible to all users to allow the gates to be stopped in an emergency. When required the emergency stop must be accessible, recognisable and must work, reliably and safely. £8.08 Add to cart
Resistive Safety Edge 25mm Profile - 2.0m Length
2.0m - 25mm gate safety edge
2.0m Length of 25mm profile gate safety edge.

All automatic gates & door systems installed in the UK should comply to BS-EN13241-1 & EN-138491-1 safety standards.

Profile & length options:- Safety Edges Options

Safety edge guide:- Download
£138.00 Add to cart

PH100 Wired Safety Photocells
Extra pair of wall-mounted auto-synchronised wired photocells. Improve the level of safety & protection on your gate system by adding an additional set of safety photocells. £53.28 Add to cart

Mhouse GTX4 transmitter
Variable code transmitter, 433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function. The gate system can support atleast 150 additional keyfobs. £28.51 Add to cart

PT50 high posts x2 including pair of photocells
Two 485 mm high posts including one pair of photocells, adjustable height. £96.48 Add to cart

Mhouse PT100 High Posts + Photocells
Two 945 mm high posts including two pairs of photocells, adjustable height. £153.00 Add to cart

DS1 13-key digital keypad/switch
13-key digital keypad/switch with programmable code, via radio. £70.20 Add to cart

EL1 12 V electric lock interface
12 V electric lock interface. Essential for Mhouse Kits if using an electric lock. £36.36 Add to cart

PR1 24 V buffer battery
24 V buffer battery for emergency power supply. Ensures the gate still operates when power is cut. £82.68 Add to cart
Eldes EMIS120 GSM Wifi Switch
EMIS120 GSM/Wifi Switch
Smartphone (GSM) and Internet compatible gate opener switch (2-Outputs/Channels) £159.00 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 2 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Technical Features

  • Strength and elegance die-cast aluminium casing, that will match any style, can open the heaviest gates without effort.
  • No welding required adjustable multi-position brackets
  • “Plug’n Play” connections very simple and quick, with easy identification of wires and terminals
  • Easy Connection System ECSBus system for connection of up to seven pairs of photocells using only two wires
  • Quick motor release for manual gate operation. Release keys are supplied with the kit in order to disengage the motor.
  • No black-out: the buffer batteries guarantee up to ten opening and closing manoeuvres even in the event of power outages (additional accessory) 


Electronical features

  • No waiting in front of the gate: only 20 seconds to open and close
  • Extra safe thanks to the low-voltage connections (24 V), the safety accessories and the automatic obstacle detection feature. Obstacle detection means that if something or somebody comes into contact with the gate while it's in motion then it will stop and reverse slightly.
  • Auto-programming: WG10s automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate
  • Autodiagnostic system identifies and immediately signals any connection errors or malfunctions


Control unit with integrated receiver

  • 2 speeds
  • Timed and adjustable automatic closing function. In-built limit stops to set required travel on the motors.
  • Programming of new transmitters (up to 150)
  • Pause time adjustment
  • Obstacle sensitivity adjustment


Please note: the remotes that come with this kit may vary to what's shown in the product image.


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Package Weight (kg)



Installation diagram for Mhouse WG10s

Solar Power compatible: This Mhouse kit is compatible with the PF solar power kit. Great for installations where mains power is not suitable or wanted.

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