Nice PHW Totally Wireless Solar Powered Photocells

Kit Contents

1 x Pair of PHW wireless photocells
1 x Instruction Sheet

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Nice IBW Control Interface Unit Control unit required for the PHW wireless solar powered photocells to be interfaced into a BlueBus system. £66.32 Add to cart
Nice IRW Control Unit This control unit allows Nice wireless accessories to be interfaced into other control panels and used with other gate systems. £66.32 Add to cart


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Nice PHW

Totally wireless photocells


Photovoltaic panel for exceptional battery life.

Up to 20m range (with clear line of sight)

Simple and quick programming.

Category 2 compliant (When used with IBW)

Up to 7 pairs per system.



Technical Specifications

Power supply: solar energy transformed by a photovoltaic cell and accumulated in 1 rechargeable 1.2V AAA NiMH battery.

Duration of charge from solar cell: up to 15 cycles/day (1 cycle = opening and closing), with a maximum cycle duration of 60 seconds.

Duration of battery charge (with no sunshine): estimated 10 days when performing 15 cycles/day.

Radio communication: two-way, on 7 channels in the 868MHz band.

Radio protocol: high security; compatible with Nice's Solemyo Air Net System radio technology.

Useful radio range: 20m.

Maximum radio range (under optimal conditions): 40m.

Radio security: class 3 under standard EN 13849.

Protection rating: IP 44.

Operating temperature: -20°C ÷ +55°C.

Dimensions: 95 x 57 x 42 mm.

Weight: 200 g (TX + RX).

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