MyStrike - Sliding Electric Gate Automation Kit

Kit Contents

1  x Roller gear motor and fittings
8  x Nylon Toothed rack B117 - 0.5 metre length (4 metres total)
2  x Wired Safety Photocells ( one set )
1  x Electronic Control Unit (with in-built 30m aerial) incorporated into motor
2  x Remote controllers
1  x Override key for power cuts
1  x Instruction Sheet
sliding gate kit

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Product Volt Weight
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per leaf
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MyStrike 8 (Q80S) 230v 800 kg - 13.0m Sliding Gate Kit £330.00 ex VAT
£396.00 incVAT
RRP £740.21 incVAT
Save 46%
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MyStrike 8 (Q80S) + extra 1m B117 rack 230v 800 kg - 13.0m Sliding Gate Kit £400.75 ex VAT
£480.90 incVAT
RRP £775.10 incVAT
Save 37%
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Optional additional accessories for MyStrike - Sliding Electric Gate Automation Kit

Product Details Price Buy

Emergency Stop Button - Twist Release
This is an essential item for all gate automation systems and should be installed in a place visible to all users to allow the gates to be stopped in an emergency. When required the emergency stop must be accessible, recognisable and must work, reliably and safely. £8.08 Add to cart
Resistive Safety Edge 25mm Profile - 2.0m Length
2.0m - 25mm gate safety edge
2.0m Length of 25mm profile gate safety edge.

All automatic gates & door systems installed in the UK should comply to BS-EN13241-1 & EN-138491-1 safety standards.

Profile & length options:- Safety Edges Options

Safety edge guide:- Download
£138.00 Add to cart

Additional Toothed Rack
Module 4 profile - B117 nylon / steel core (500kg) - screw-fix + brackets - 20 x 26 x 500mm £28.80 Add to cart
Sliding Gate Track
Sliding gate half-round track
Galvanized Half-Round Drilled Track for Sliding - 3 Metre (20mm Dia). Click for more information on Sliding Gate Half-Round Track. £83.11 Add to cart
Sliding Gate Track wheel
Track Wheel(s)
Half-Round Groove Wheels ( two ) for Sliding Track - up to 800kg. Click for more information on Sliding Gate Half-Round Groove Wheels. £68.28 Add to cart

Upper Guide Bracket
Sliding Gate Upper Guide Bracket (222), which will take a maximum gate thickness of 70mm. Click for more information on Sliding Gate Upper Guide Bracket. £29.70 Add to cart

Additional Toothed Rack
Module 4 profile - B102 galvanised steel toothed rack (500kg) - pre-drilled, screw-fix or welded - 20 x 26 x 1000mm £34.80 Add to cart

Additional MyGate Wired Photocells
Improve the level of safety & protection on your gate system by adding an additional set of safety photocells. £43.02 Add to cart

MyGate Grey Key Fob
Additional Grey Remote Control Key Fob/Transmitter/Remote. The gate system can support atleast 99 additional keyfobs. £35.99 Add to cart
Eldes EMIS120 GSM Wifi Switch
EMIS120 GSM/Wifi Switch
Smartphone (GSM) and Internet compatible gate opener switch (2-Outputs/Channels) £159.00 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 3 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. The motors themselves have a 3 year limited warranty all other electrical items have a 1 year warranty, see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

The MyStrike sliding gate kits are a popular choice and can be applied to either wrought iron or solid timber gates. A sliding gate can be fitted where a drive rising up towards the house would prevent swing gates from opening, or where parking space would be reduced if a swing gate was fitted, maximum opening is up to 13 metres.

3 year warranty on this gate kit

If you wish to retain the aesthetics of swing gates, your blacksmith can supply you with a sliding gate that looks like a pair of swing gates; the leaves are welded together and slide along rather than swinging inwards. The kit is supplied with sufficient rack for opening of up to 4.0m; additional rack lengths are available; total gate weight is a more important factor than size. Each rack length is constructed from metal coated in nylon.

The aerial within the kit is pre-installed and has a range of approx 30m.

Roller Diagram

Gear motors for the automation of sliding gates up to 800kg.

Maximum opening is 13 metres.

Designed for intensive use, the die-cast motor structure comprises of quality aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and steel. The thermal overload protection, fluid grease lubrication, sturdy mechanical limit switches, built-in control unit and polyester powdercoated ABS protection cover all ensure a prolonged working life in any weather condition, without the need for periodic maintenance. Also featuring an irreversible gear-motor to ensure secure locking and quiet operation.

sliding gate cog
The toothed cog is made from toughened steel, so it hard wearing.

The rack that is included in the sliding gate kit is shown below, this is supplied 8 x 0.5m lengths each rack length is constructed from metal coated in nylon and the lengths lock together to provide 4m in total. Each 0.5m length also comes with two bolts & washers, the bolts are self tapping for mounting the rack directly to the gate.

Sliding gate motor rack

Kit Roller optional upgrades and accessories include:

    * underground exit loop (detects the presence of a vehicle and automatically opens the gate)
    * extra photocells
    * additional key fobs
    * intercom kit
    * extended range (external) aerial


We can also supply gate track ( in 3m lengths ) and wheels for gates of various weights. Please see the downloads section for further technical specifications of the track and wheels.

Please Note: It is solely the responsibility of the recipient or the client /  specifier – to ensure that the products described are suitable for  purpose (see fitting guide under downloads) & comply with the  relevant building regulations.

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