Mhouse MAK4 Alarm Kit

Kit Contents

1 x Portable touch screen with transponder badge reader
1 x Miniaturised 4-channel radio transmitter
1 x Wireless battery-powered control unit
1 x Miniaturised infra-red movement detectors
1 x Miniaturised opening detector suitable for protecting doors and windows
1 x Instruction Manual

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Mhouse MAK4 Alarm Kit
Secure alarm system to protect your home, manage automations and lighting £576.00 Add to cart

Mhouse Outdoor Siren Via Radio
Outdoor siren via radio, bidirectional and Dual Band (433 and 868 MHz). Sound power 116 dB, with integrated flashing light and personalisable voice messages £196.80 Add to cart

Mhouse Indoor Siren Via Radio
Indoor siren via radio, battery-powered. Equipped with protection £116.16 Add to cart

Mhouse Charger Base for Touch Screen
Charger base for touch screen, 2 rechargeable batteries and mains battery charger included £51.84 Add to cart

Mhouse Control Keypad
Bidirectional and Dual Band radio keypad, for control of alarm system control units £93.70 Add to cart

Mhouse 8-channel Radio Transmitter
Radio transmitter, 8-channel, bidirectional 433 MHz, Rolling Code. 4 keys for the alarm system and 4 programmable keys for control of Mhouse automations £61.44 Add to cart

Mhouse Transponder Badge
Badge transponder. A simple wave of the badge in front of the proximity reader enables alarm activation and deactivation. Ideal for children and the elderly £8.64 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This kit has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Wireless solution for easy-to-install alarm systems. A single system to protect your home, manage automations and lighting.


Freedom of installation, even when far from a telephone socket, and maximum security thanks to the transmission of voice and text messages.

Dual frequency at 433 and 868 Mhz, system compatible with broadband networks, supervised with self-diagnostics.



Innovative hand-held touchscreen radio control! The entire home at your fingerprints: easy start-up and programming via interactive menu and vocal instructions.

Bidirectional: check of installation status and real-time confirmation of all operations.



Completely wireless solution, "invisible", thanks to the option of positioning the control unit and siren at any point in the home. No more need for masonry work or unsightly ducting: simpler and faster installations, optimal savings and flexibility.

Basic kit for equipping a small apartment.

Evolving set consisting of a multi-functional center, a touch screen keyboard for control and programming of the station, a remote control, an opening detector and a motion detector.

Easy starting, simple and intuitive programming of the station with interactive menus and voice prompts.


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