Pre-wired multicode receiver (OX2FM)

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1 x Nice 868.46 MHz Receiver
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OX2FM pre-wired receiver
OX2FM, pre-wired receiver with 2 channels, without built-in transmitter at 868.46 MHz for use with the Nice One series 868.46 Mhz remotes £139.08 Add to cart

OX2TFM pre-wired receiver
OX2TFM, pre-wired receiver with 2 channels, with built-in transmitter at 868.46 MHz for use with the Nice One series 868.46 Mhz remotes £160.68 Add to cart


Complete range of multicode receivers with management of Identity Codes and Certificates. Can work with other brands of automation as well as Nice Automation. If you have one gate with a Nice Automation Motor and another gate with a different branded motor for example then this can be used.

With connector, pre-wired, with and without built-in transmitter. Available in a 868.46 MHz version.

Each receiver in the series One has its own secret identification number known as a Certificate to distinguish it from all others. The Certificate can also be programmed on the transmitter in the One range which uses it as an enable code to interact with the receiver.

T version: This model is equipped with a “Repeater” function which enables an increase in the transmission range of the transmitters. They also enable “wireless” communication with the O-Box programming unit.


Practical and functional: the built-in transmitter of the receivers enables bi-directional communication with the multi-functional O-Box interface operations such as download of radio codes, management of certificates and passwords directly on the receiver, also when located in positions difficult to access.

3 password-protected levels.

Internal transmitter: the OX2T receiver can be used as signal repeaters to increase the operating distance between transmitters and other possible receivers in the One series. By means of O-Box, the new receivers in the One series can also be interfaced with a PC or PDA for simple and rapid programming of certificates.

3 programming modes.

Maximum flexibility: memory capacity of up to 30 transmitters in Mode l.

Multicode: receivers in the One series are compatible with the transmitters with encoding system O-code - 868.46 MHz for multi-group transmission, which enables the delivery of multiple commands simultaneously from a single transmitter.

Technical Specifications (OX2FM & OX2TFM)

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