Mhouse PH1 Wired Photocells

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1 x PH1 Wired Safety Photocells
1 x Instruction Sheet

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Mhouse PH1 Wired Safety Photocells Pair of wall-mounted auto-synchronised wired photocells. £53.28 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This product has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Only compatible with the Mhouse Automation range

Pair of wall-mounted auto-synchronised wired photocells.

Easy installation with the Mhouse ECSBus system: only two wires are required for connection of the main system components, and there is no need to follow in any particular order. The colour-coded terminals, each of which identifies a set, enable quick, error-proof connections.

Wasting time connecting to the photocell terminals is no longer necessary, simply connect the two wires at any point within the system. Convenient jumpers for selection of the required function. Up to 7 pairs of photocells can be installed without worrying about their proximity.



Maximum security: electronics protected by a second plastic enclosure to prevent damage during installation. The antidazzle circuit protects you from blinding glares generated by the sun or other powerful light sources.

Convenience: very simple alignment thanks to the LED signal with proportional flashing.

Sturdiness: extra thick polycarbonate body.

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