Mhouse GTX4 transmitter (TX4 replacement)

Kit Contents

1 x Mhouse GTX4 transmitter ( inc batteries )
1 x Instruction Sheet

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Mhouse GTX4 transmitter
Variable code transmitter, 433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function £28.51 Add to cart

Spare battery (single)
CR2032 battery. 3 year battery life. £2.39 Add to cart

Mhouse GTX4 ( Three ) Remotes Bundle
Three Mhouse GTX4 Remotes, unit price 21.38+vat £76.98 Add to cart

Mhouse GTX4 ( Five ) Remotes Bundle
Five Mhouse GTX4 Remotes for the price of four, unit price 19.01+vat £114.05 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This product has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Only compatible with the Mhouse Automation range

Please note: the GTX4 has now replaced the TX4 and is fully compatible with any Mhouse gate system.

Miniaturized 4 button variable code transmitters, 433.92 MHz rolling code system with self-learning function. This remote keyfob will work with selected MHOUSE automation systems that we sell.

The GTX4 allow the user to remote control the corresponding radio receivers, or alternatively the control units forgates.
They are only suitable for use in MHOUSE automation systems. The GTX4 is intended specifically for gates; it features 4 buttons that can be used to enter 4 types of command for a single automation system, or to control up to 4 different automation systems or receivers. Transmission of the command is confirmed by the LED; an eyelet allows it to be hung on a key ring.

The GTX4 transmitter is equipped with a fitting support, which allows the unit to be wall mounted if desired. When fastening the support, if the surface is smooth and solid, the adhesive provided may be used; if not, the screw supplied for this purpose can be used (with the wall plug if necessary).

Estimated battery life: 3 years, estimated on the basis of basis of 10 commands/day, each lasting 1s at 20°C (at low temperatures the efficiency of the batteries decreases).

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