1 x Proteco HIT3 Black Remote Key Fob

Kit Contents

1 x Proteco HIT3 Black Remote Key Fob
1 x Pre Installed Battery
1 x Instruction Sheet

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1 x HIT3 Black Key Fob 433 MHz 3-channel Black Key Fob/Transmitter/Remote @ £35.99 Add to cart
3 x HIT3 Black Key Fob 433 MHz 3-channel Black Key Fob/Transmitter/Remote @ £95.99 Add to cart
5 x HIT3 Black Key Fob 433 MHz 3-channel Black Key Fob/Transmitter/Remote @ £143.95 Add to cart
23A 12v Alkaline Battery 23AE-12V-Alkaline-Battery £2.39 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This item has 1 year limited warranty. See the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Compatible with all our kits apart from Came, FAAC, Nice, BFT and Mhouse.

Works with any GateMotors Q60/Q36/Q57/Q71 control units.

Easy to programme 3 button remote controller to operate up to 3 sets of gate/garage door systems. More than 16,000.000 possible codes, (24 bit) can be randomly generated. Preset with a personalised code, ready to be saved on the receiver panel. New random codes can be generated on the 3 buttons, by overwriting the previous ones.

This keyfob has the ability to clone an existing working keyfobs so this can make the process of setting up the keyfob alot easier particularly if the gate control panel is in an inaccessible place.

Frequency of 433,92 Mhz

Dimensions: 40mm x 60mm

Weight: 37.7g


To give you an idea of the size of each of the remotes there is a picture below to help


Up to 99 remote controls can be added to each control panel, by following the instructions included with your kit.

Our keyfob transmitters can be used with gate systems from other manufacturers but you will need to add a receiver to your gate system in order to make the keyfobs compatible, see our gate system receivers section for more details.

Why are there three buttons on the remotes?

The key fob is a three channel remote control. Each channel can operate an independent system. For example, a property may have two gates; one entrance gate, one exit gate each operated with their own key fob remote. Instead of carrying around 2 key fobs in your pocket, you can operate both off the one key fob.

As each channel (button) of the remote is separate from the other, one button must be designated and used to operate the gate.

In addition, the key fob can be programmed to have one button to act as an Emergency Stop. This can be handy where an external Emergency Stop push button cannot or has not been fitted.




1) Have the new transmitter to hand. Press buttons B and C of the new transmitter at once and keep them pressed until the two lights start blinking alternately. Do not keep them pressed too long otherwise the transmitter starts the function "new code generation"

2) As soon as the two lights (Red and Green) start blinking, stop keeping buttons B and C pressed.

Now the transmitter is ready to receive its code (check it by pressing one button random, you will see only one red light blinking)

3) Only at this stage, take the master transmitter from which you like to copy the code (the one that was previously programmed in the control board) and put it near the new transmitter.

4) Press the button of new transmitter where you like to save the code. Keep it pressed then press and hold the button on the original Transmitter (where you are copying the code from).

The two lights of new transmitter will blink again. Now you can release the buttons pressed on the new transmitter. The transmitter has now saved the code.

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