Nice BlueBUS Keypad EDSB

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1 x Nice EDSB Keypad
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Nice Blue Bus EDSB 12-key digital selector with Nice BlueBUS connection technology. £81.59 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This product has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Only compatible with the Nice Automation range


Compatible with Nice BlueBus kits such as the: ToonaKit 24v, HyppoKit 2, HyppoKit 4, HoppKit, HykeKit, WalkyKit, MetroKit 24v, Big-Metro.

Exclusive functions:
• 2 keys to activate two different commands selected from 6 available (for example step-step, close, open), depending on which control unit is connected;
• 255 combinations for storage on BM1000 memory;
• 2 programming modes: Easy or Professional;
• up to 4 control devices connectable via BlueBUS, also in combined configurations;
• possibility of programming the number of times a specific combination can be used;
• possibility of enabling an automation block/unblock function.

Simple installation: easy and rapidconnection with just 2 wires, no polarity, to complete the BlueBUS systems.

Safe: the combination is a number consisting in 1 to 9 figures, resulting in 99,999,999 possible combinations!

Two different visual indicators : according to automation status:
- red: automation closed or in closing phase;
- green: during opening or when the “automation block” function is active.

Easy programming: with MOU palmtop or O-Box interface, extremely simple management of any type of programming of the BM1000 memory in the vicinity of the system, or remotely, directly from the installer’s office. MOU and O-BOX interface with the PC, enabling efficient archiving of all installations.

Dimensions (mm) : 70x27x70 h

Protection rating (IP) : 44

Absorption : 1.5 BlueBUS unit

Power supply : via BlueBUS

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