Nice Solemyo Kit

Kit Contents

1 x 24v Photovoltaic solar panel (SYP)
1 x 24v Battery box with control circuit (PSY24)
1 x Power supply unit for charging the battery from mains supply (SYA1)
1 x Instruction Sheet



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Nice Solemyo Kit
Nice Solemyo Kit £570.00 Add to cart

Nice Solemyo Battery
Easy to carry with its handles, the battery box keeps the electrical energy produced by the solar panel in the distributing of a continuous and ongoing process throughout the day. £234.66 Add to cart
Nice Solemyo PSU unit Power supply unit for charging the battery PSY24 from the mains supply. £72.44 Add to cart


3 year warranty on this gate kit

This product has 2 year limited warranty, the first year being with GateMotors, the remaining years being direct with the manufacturer. see the warranty FAQ page for more details.

Solemyo is the kit for solar power for the automation of gates, garage doors and barrier gates, including those located far from the power mains.

NOTE: This solar power kit is specifically for use with Nice Automation 24v products only: Kit Toona, Kit Wingo, Kit Walky, HykeKit, Kit Hyppo, MetroKit, Kit X-Metro, RobusKit600, RobusKit 1000.

The system comprises a photovoltaic panel (mod. SYP) and an electric battery (mod. PSY24):

– the photovoltaic panel is a device able to convert sunlight directly into electrical energy.
– the battery is a device that stores the electrical power produced by the photovoltaic panel during the hours of sunlight, making it available at any time of the day, including days with bad weather. This device is equipped with a carry handle, a led indicating operating status and two plugs for connection of the photovoltaic panel and the automation to be powered. The rear of the battery is also fitted with 4 holes for wallmounting.

Simple and rapid installation with guaranteed savings and reliable operation.

Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.

Increased savings and respect for the environment thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with short term benefits.

Low consumption with no risk of blackouts: extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumption of automations, guarantee operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.

Low consumption with operating autonomy!
Perfect operation ensured even at night time or in prolonged overcast conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety.

The kit contains the SYP photovoltaic panel that converts sunlight into electricity and the PSY24 battery box, storing the electrical energy produced by the SYP panel, with continuous and permanent supply throughout the day.

The SYA1 auxiliary power supply unit enables rapid battery charging via a 230 Vac power mains, as an alternative to the photovoltaic module.

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