Can the gates be opened from the warmth and security of my car?

Yes, of course!

All GateMotors electric gate motor kits are designed to be opened via a small push-button key fob sized radio transmitter. This sends a coded radio signal to a radio receiver integrated into the gates’ control unit. Each kit is supplied with two transmitters; extra transmitters are available from our Electric Gate Accessories page. The receiver integrated into the gates’ control unit can pickup the signal within a range of 30m, this can be extended to 80m by means of the optional Extended Aerial.


What is an Gate Intercom System?

A Gate Intercom System lets you control who has access to your property, they work with our gate automation kits for your ease and security.

There are several things to consider when choosing an Intercom System for your electric gates:

Do you want a wired or wireless Intercom System?

Do you want an audio or video Intercom System?

Do you want a call station with or without an entry keypad?

Is the Intercom System for a single, dual or multiple dwelling?

Wireless Intercom Systems can be an advantage if your gates are quite a distance from the house, meaning you wouldn’t need to run lots of cabling down to the gate. They also have the advantage of a wireless, portable handset for inside the property.

At GateMotors we can offer both audio and video intercoms to work with our gate automation systems. The video intercoms can either be black and white or colour. Having a call station with an integrated entry keypad outside of the gate enables you to give family and friends the code to let themselves onto the property.

Both of our wired and wireless systems have the option of calling to a single property, or to multiple properties.


Why have an Automatic Gate System?

There are many reasons why people decide to install Automatic Gates to their property, all of which need to be considered before purchasing and installing.

Controlling access to the property is one of the main, obvious reasons. As the access control systems fitted to the gate automation will only let authorised users through. Audio and video communication and control systems can identify visitors before you let them in. This also ties in with the choice to install a gate automation system for security, as you control who has access to your property. A closed, secure gate can also be a deterrent to any would-be burglars looking for a clear get away and some insurers will offer discount when reliable security gates are installed.

Some people choose to install a gate automation system for convenience. With the latest technology you can open your gates from the comfort of your car, or with some systems, anywhere in the world. Automated Gates can also have an impact on the aesthetics and privacy of your property. Some people choose underground automation as it is neatly hidden from sight and can enhance the look of their property.

Here’s a good article on selecting / sourcing gate automation.


Italian Gate Motors

All of the Gate Motors that we supply in our Gate Automation Kits are manufactured for us by one of the market leaders. The Gate Motors are produced to the highest of standards, with a top class finish and engineering that will last.

These Gate Motors are not comparable with the cheap chinese imports that are to be found elsewhere in the market.


Gated entry, exclusive access to your home

By adding Electric Gates to your property access to your home is limited to who you want and when you want, the choice is yours. There are several options to obtain access to your property both for yourselves and for visitors. Our remote access systems ensure opening your gates is quick and easy, this can be done through our keyfob transmitters or a Electric Gate Remote Access System.

We provide a variety of intercom systems that work with our Gate Motors to ensure visitors to your property can let you know they are there, either through an audio call to the house or a video call to the house. Most of our intercom systems also have the option of an integrated keypad for coded entry


Gate installation safety

Making your gate is safe involves a combination of elements; correct installation, correct wiring and installing integrated safety systems.

Included in our gate automation systems is a set of safety photocells. These transmit an infra red beam from a transmitter to a receiver, if this beam is broken then the gates will not close. Electric Gate Photocells are usually positioned just in front of the gate line, an additional set of safety photocells can be used just inside the arc line of travel to cover this area for an extra safety measure.

Another safety measure that can be used is Anti-Crush Safety Edging, this is typically used on sliding gates or in the ‘crushing zone’ of a swing gate hinge. The Anti Crush Safety Edging collapses on contact and forms a circuit, telling the gate system to stop.


Electric Gates the options available to you

There are two main types of Electric Gate Automation: swing systems and sliding systems. The swing gate systems from GateMotors use either electro-mechanical rams that work on a worm drive to automate the gates; these are fitted above ground to the back of the gate. Or our underground swing gate system uses an electro-mechanical motor that is fitted to the bottom of the gate, hidden from view on the outside. We also provide wheeled systems or articulated arm systems for installations where underground or ram motors are unsuitable. The sliding gates system we provide is an electro-mechanical floor mounted motor that uses a toothed rack to automate the gate.

Deciding which system is more appropriate for your installation will depend on a number of factors; what space is available to mount the motor, the size of the gate posts, the size and weight of the gates, the gradient and surface of the driveway and what space is available for the gate to open into.


Securing your property with Automated Gates

The addition of Electric Gates to you property ensures that you can control who has access to your property. They also provide a sense of safety and security. Whether you decide to use Swing Gates or Sliding Gates, remote access control means that entry can be controlled to who you want and when you want. Both our Swing Gate Systems and our Sliding Gate Systems are electro-mechanical and are irreversible, this means when the gates are shut they cannot be forced open. Electro Locks can also be used, for further peace of mind. These work with the gate systems and only unlock when told to, either by remote access or keys.


Choosing the right Electric Gate Motors

If you’re just starting out on your Gate Automation project you may think that all motors are the same, well they’re not!

It makes sense to avoid expensive mistakes and get your installation right first time. We would recommend that you limit your search to Italian Gate Motors, they’re the market leaders and have years of experience in producing quality motors that will last.

The first thing to do is take accurate measurements of your particular installation, noting the width weight of each individual gate, the maximum degree of opening required and for Swing Gates in particular the measurements of the pillar at the point where the hinges are to be mounted.

You can now make a list of the Gate Motors that are suitable for your installation and fit into your budget. Do also take into account additional items like intercoms and any gate safety that may be required.

The majority of Automated Gates Systems are capable of being installed as a self install DIY project.

If you need any help in selecting the right system for your installation, just call the team at and we’ll be happy to advise you ( +44(0)1202 717 191 (office hrs) ).


Farm Gate & 5 Bar Gate Automation

Not all Gate Motors are installed into domestic or residential installations, there are plenty of commercial applications of Electric Gates that have a requirement for gate automation systems, farming being one of them. Gated entry is a necessity for farming and although it may not be financially viable for all gates to be automated there may be the requirement for the main farm gate to be motorised.

The ‘Kit simply’ available from is one such product that can easily be installed into a farm situation, it is available in either a right hand or left hand format and being available in a kit form comes with all the items required for an immediate DIY install.

If an gate opener is required for your farm or your 5 bar gates then speak to the specialists at for excellent advice on the right product for you.