Benefits and Drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors

Here at Gate Motors we only supply worm-driven motors. There are a number of reasons for this and here are the benefits and drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors:

Benefits of Hydraulic gate systems

  • Hydraulics in general are more powerful than gear driven openers
  • Hydraulics require less maintenance, all that is needed is to check the fluid level and make sure the opener is operating properly
  • Hydraulics are around the same price as worm-driven motors
  • A longer lasting life
  • Hydraulics work as well in cold temperatures and overall better in different weather conditions
  • They can be made non-locking to avoid damage when hit by vehicles relying on other forms of locking
  • They do not have to work at full power when operating large gates
  • Hydraulic openers are self-contained. There are no external parts and the hydraulic pump is built into the unit.

Drawbacks of Hydraulic gate systems

  • Prone to damage to internal seals caused by high pressure from vehicular collision
  • Hydraulic fluid is highly corrosive to most of the aircraft materials
  • If disposed improperly, a hydraulic fluid is an environmental risk
  • More complex than worm-driven motors
  • You must filter oils in hydraulic systems on a regular basis to ensure that the hydraulic fluid contains no broken particles, as well as to eliminate harmful damaging air pockets
  • Hydraulic systems can develop loud banging noises, which result from air entering the hydraulic fluids.

Benefits of Worm-Driven gate systems

  • Powerful and reliable machines that will offer years of service
  • Worm drive motors are ideal if you decide to retro-fit automation at a later date
  • Only require periodic maintenance
  • Can be fitted with solar panel kits to operate without high voltage power
  • They take up little space and offer quiet operation
  • Battery backup in case of a power cut.


Drawbacks of Worm-Driven gate systems

  • On some occasions worm-driven motors can be more expensive than hydraulic
  • AC motors cannot provide variable speeds, whereas DC motors can.


We supply many of our Gate Kits from a company called Proteco which are made in Italy. We are the main supplier in the UK of Proteco Gate Kits. We also stock brands such as Came and Nice. The main reason we do not stock hydraulic motors are because our suppliers don’t manufacture them. They may start arriving to the brands we deal with in the future, but at the moment they supply only worm-driven motors.


Nice, Came and other brands now listed

Over the past few weeks, we have had a chance to list many new and exciting products to our website, to benefit you as our customers. These mainly include the brands Nice and Came Automation. Our Came Above Ground Motors for example provide excellent swing automation from a reliable and trusted company to us. There are all sorts of accessories such as Came Remotes and Came Control Boards which may be applicable if looking for replacements or additional items to add to your kit.

Our Nice Automation range has significantly expanded, and for years now we have been dealing with Nice Automation as our dominant brand for Gate Kits. Products such as Nice Keypads and Nice Key Switches have been added due to a lot of our Gate Kits being by Nice Automation. These products let you have easy access to and from your property with either a twist of a key or a push of a button.

Other products listed consist of items such as Blinker Lights and items added to existing sections like armoured cable was added to the Cable and Cable Packs section. The blinker lights act as a warning light which flash when the gate is in operation, which is great if you have small children for example. Armoured cable is suitable for burying, which will allow you to get electricity from your house to your gate.

We have many more newly listed products being added daily. If you cannot find a product on our website which you are interested in call us on 01202717191 and we will help as best as we can.


Gate Automation for Sloping Driveways

If a driveway surface rises into the property, swing gates will need to be installed higher off the ground. This is so they do not go into the ground as they open. Unfortunately this comes with consequences such as an unsightly gap under the gate, and the centre stop would also need to be taller to reach the new position of the gate. The centre stop would then be an obstruction for vehicles.

When it comes to sliding gates, this is a much better alternative. All sliding gates open and close on a level pain. Our Cantilever Gate System is great for those who have a sloping driveway.


Solemyo and other Solar Panel Kits

Our Nice Solemyo Kit uses solar power to generate energy for your Gate Automation so it doesn’t need a mains supply. The Solemyo Kit can power Gate Automation, Garage Doors and Barrier Gates. The Kit is compatible with many of our Nice Automation Gate Kits.

Benefits of using our Solemyo Solar Power:

  • Installable anywhere
  • Saves you more and is environmentally friendly
  • Low consumption with no risk of black outs
  • Rapid battery charging so you never run out of energy

We also have other solar panel kits such as our 230v Solar Panel Kit which is great for when you are away from home and do not have access to direct power. Tasks such as powering electric gates, mobile phones or TVs for example are perfect for this. We also have a 24v Solar Panel Kit and 12v Solar Panel Kit version of that particular Solar Panel Kit.


Replacement Remotes for Electric Gates

If you’re looking for replacement remotes or additional remotes for your gate system, we have a wide range compatible with our Nice Automation range, our Came Automation range, and all our other Gate Kits. These are also a product which we are discounting phenomenally if you buy in a set of 3 or 5 on certain remotes.

Our 5 for the price of 4 black keyfobs is an offer not to miss out on suitable for all kits apart from Nice and Came. Came also have the same offer, found here. These slim, stylish and easy to handle remotes are all available on our website.

You may be looking for a Universal Remote Keyfob which goes that step further and allows you to control cars, gates, garage door openers, barriers, home security systems and more! This can all be done in 2 quick and easy steps shown below the description.

Whatever remote you’re after they’ll be up and running as soon as they’re out the box, additional remotes being perfect for extra family/friends/colleagues who need access to your gate. Our Came Remotes & Keyfobs and also Nice Remotes & Keyfobs are compatible with their own Gate Kits.


Risk Assessment for Swing Gates

Before you go ahead with Gate Automation there are a few factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Check that the gate structure is suitable for automation by the following:

  • Referring to the documentation of the gate manufacturer
  • Structural tests or calculations, if you click on our Risk Assessment For Swing Gates you will find out in more detail
  • Check feasibility of correct fixture of mechanical transmission parts and anchoring of automation

There are various risks that you need to be aware of once you have your gate automation:

  • The danger zone areas in and around the gate which are ‘risk zones’ to yourself
  • Safety conditions in the event of a power failure or any faults

There are many other serious factors needed to be considered and there is a suitable safety guide for all Swing Gate Kits. Click here for the full instructions.





Underground Gate Motors

One of the most popular kinds of gate automation is the underground motor. Once correctly installed, there will be no apparent sign of the motor other than the lid of the foundation box, and the shoe that attaches to the bottom of the gate. This can help to increase the overall asthetics of your gates and driveway. Underground automation can be fitted to both new and existing gates. They are also suitable for both wooden or metal gates.

Advantages of the underground system:

  • The best looking gate system, discreet and quiet, a favourite with property developers
  • Very powerful underground motors
  • Perfect for ornate steel entrance gates
  • Very hard to tamper with
  • They can open to 180° with an adaptor
  • 240 volt or 24 volt available

Disadvantages of the underground system:

  • Requires groundwork to install, i.e. holes big enough for the mechanism and also proper soakaways to drain surplus water away.
  • Susceptible to flooding the motor chambers, the drainage is important

New & Improved Control Boards Now Replacing Old

Recently at Gate Motors we have had an increasing amount of customer inquiries about the Q36 and Q37 A / S Control Boards. Due to the fact these boards are not being manufactured anymore, customers looking for replacements are being left slightly puzzled.

To solve this issue we have listed those Control Panels that are now outdated, such as the Q36A Control Panel and the Q37A Control Panel and have stated that the purchase is for the updated, superior board which will be fully compatible with your contents. The Q36A and the Q37A have been replaced by the Q60A/R Control Panel, and the Q36S and the Q37S have been replaced by the Q60S/R Control Panel. If you have any queries on this issue we are always happy to assist, visit our Contact Page.


Wiring/Cabling for Electric Gates

Each individual Gate Motor will have its own suited cabling. 3 core Armoured swa cable is used from the property to the gate control panel and 4 core alarm / bell cable is used between the photocells. Electric Gate Kits can be purchased with optional accessories or a cable pack which contains all of the wiring needed to cable one gate post to the other. Armoured cable is used to run the cable to the control panel. Knowing the voltage requirements of the gate systems and its accessories, including the distance you are wishing to run the power over with are essential to the process.

Here is the Electric Gate Cabling wiring requirements guide to assist you.


Cantilever Gate Systems for Sliding Gates

Cantilever Gate Systems are a sliding gate hardware made for metal gates which are designed for situations where the consumer needs a sliding gate but installing a ground track is not possible or desirable. Our Cantilever 9000 Series has its benefits in a number of ways:

  • Ideal for security, traffic control or any other place with an uneven road surface
  • Can be manually or automated operated
  • Lower noise level than traditional track and wheel
  • Quick and easy installation

The Gate supports rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. The Gates can be controlled manually or automatically. The option of adding extra cantilever track is necessary depending on the size of the area being used to wheel the gate back and forth. You will see it below our Cantilever Gate System as an additional item to purchase.