7 Day Timer

Our own 7 Day Timer is great for people who will be accessing their property at roughly the same time of the day through the week. It is popular for uses such as newspaper or postman deliveries, or if a lot of people need to access the gate such as employees.

It has 24 hour display and works 7 days a week, it also has a back lit display so is easy to see no matter what time of day you use it. It also has a special ‘holiday function’ so it will not operate while you are away. There is also a 2 Position Key Switch which allows you to simply turn it off for extra security measures while you are away and then back on when you’re home. This way nobody will be able to meddle with your timer!


Parking Barriers

Here at GateMotors on top of selling a wide range of gate automation, we have parking barriers suitable for all car parks. Nice Automation is a brand which sell all types of automation. We mainly sell their gate automation but parking barriers such as the Nice Signo Parking Barrier is just as good quality as their gate kits. It comes with many functions such as the barrier inverting if it comes across a obstacle or in contact with something.

Other functions include closing immediately after a vehicle has passed through, which is good for security. It can also fully cope with being used all day everyday. Other parking barriers include the Park Plus 4 and the Park Plus 6. Also available is a clearance deal which is heavily discounted on a Solar Parking Space/bay Protector which will stop those unwanted visitors using your precious space. It takes a tiny 10 minutes to install and because of the solar power they will raise and lower automatically.


Garage Door Openers

Here at GateMotors we don’t just sell gate automation, recently having more and more products from Nice, we have decided to sell some of their garage door openers such as the Nice Spinbus which is suitable for sectional doors up to 12.5m² and up-and-over garage doors up to 11.8m².

We also have a Kit Libra which can automate a garage door at a maximum width of 10 metres. If you can’t find what you need or have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.


Came Photocells as a Gate Switch – Alternate vehicle loop detector

For those of you out there that regularly have cars coming in and out of your property you may be interested in an alternative to a vehicle loop detector. Vehicle loop detectors allow you to open your gate just by driving up to it, but it requires installation underground which may not suit absolutely everyone.

One way you can work around this is by having a Came automation kit and purchasing additional safety photocells, either the wired DELTA-I or the wireless DBC01. The wireless photocells would still require a cable running to the control unit but gets rid of one on the other side. You would install them on the inside of your property 1-1.5 metres apart, two one side and two the other side. Then when the car drives out it would break both beams and open the gate.

But please note this will only work if you have a Came automation kit. For further details do not hesitate to contact us.


Need a replacement Gate Motor?

Refurbished replacement motors are available to purchase at a 10% discount. These motors have been thoroughly tested and inspected to make sure they are 100% satisfactory. We also have complete kits with the refurbished motors which will be discounted also at 10%.
These include models such as the Ace, Aster, Blank, Diamond, Leader, Shark and many more. So if you have had automation for a while and your motor has finally packed in, there is no where better to look than here. To get an idea of the sort of automation that we sell have a look at Gate Motors. For inquiries about the refurbished motors and kits that we sell, call our sales support team on 01202717191.


GSM Mobile Gate Opener to the Q60 Control Board Wiring Guide

Style Audio 1 way – Connection Colour Coded
Here are GateMotors we have had customer inquiries about how to wire the GSM mobile gate opener to the Q60 control board. Because of this we have put together a wiring guide to try and avoid confusion when installing the GSM mobile gate opener.


guide for gsm mobile gate q60 proteco

Style Audio 1 way – Connection Colour Coded


Window Opener Solutions

We are now listing Window controllers, switches and solutions on our website. The Automated Window Opener Solution kit is the ultimate solution to controlling your window. The ACK4 Chain Actuator, R-Switch and the 100T Controller all make up the Window Opener which comes in a 230v or 24v version. Accessories also included are the Long Bracket, Large Swivel and the Small Swivel. The right one for you will depend on the size of which you are mounting it on. We hope to list a lot more Openers in the near future.


Using BlueBus Technology in Gate Automation

Nice Automation is a provider of systems for automation and management of gates, garage doors and barrier gates for residential and industrial use. Nice present themselves as providing ease of use, aesthetic quality and safety. Many solutions which are now widespread were actually introduced by Nice and later used by other manufacturers.

Firstly in 1993, Nice transmitters came alive which were functional, powerful but miniaturized and elegant. They were first broadcasted in a car, or attached to a key ring and soon became more apparent by word-of-mouth. Nice today is more energy efficient, more secure and more user control than ever before. Solar power is another example of this, which allows automation installation even far away from any electrical network. Its wireless technology avoids the cost and the inconvenience of unsightly wiring ducts for control wires. Total Control from nice allows you to control the whole range of automation for gates, garages, awnings and roller shutters, alarm systems as well as irrigation, lighting systems and electrical loads. Home Security – the NiceHome System’s are simple and complete, with professionalism of the alarm systems, the group companies have created amazing technology during their 30 year of experience. The user can manage up to 18 controls for automation, illumination and electrical loads.

In 2003, the mark for BlueBus technology had emerged. Its maximised simplicity created the concept of automation by making installation quick and easy. From then on it was only 2 wires which connected all the system devices which could be amplified later with the same simplicity which carry both the communication signals and the power supply. The absence of polarity and clamps, which could be identified thanks to the use of different colours, make the connection even easier and really error-free. With BlueBUS you don’t need to observe any polarity, therefore any related risk factor is eliminated.

BlueBus technology is famously used in Nice’s various photocells, keypads and products. These electrical gate accessories are necessary for the gate automation process. Nice Automation sells Moon, MoonBus, MyMoonBus, F210 and FT210 photocells which are compatible with all Nice Automation products. These photocells produce an infrared beam that goes from one side of your gate to the other and acts as a safety feature. If an obstacle goes in its path then the beam will break and the gate will not operate. The special “BlueBus” communication system enables the control unit to recognise the photocells and assign them with the correct detection function.


Nice Automation sells MoonTouch and MoonTouchBus keypads which use BlueBus. Keypads act as a security feature which allows the gate to stay closed unless the correct code is entered which would be created by the gate owner.

Photocells, safety devices, control keys, signalling lights etc. can be connected to BlueBUS. The ROBUS control unit recognizes all the connected devices individually through a suitable recognition process, and can detect all the possible abnormalities with absolute precision.


Overall, the BlueBus’s purpose is to create a simple installation that has fewer wires. Over time more and more products will have this technology, and this ‘simpler’ approach will become more popular to use in new products.


Wind Load on Swing Gates

Wind is always a factor which needs to be taken seriously for anyone purchasing a swing gate kit. It is always advised that you buy a motor more powerful (if only slightly) so you take into consideration things like the weight of tracks, hinges or wind load.

A gate should not apply more than 400 newtons in crush or danger areas for swing and sliding gates. But outside the crush areas you can go up to 1400 newtons. The danger areas can be protected using our Gate Safety Edges. Using gate safety edges will allow you to use a higher force for your gate which is ideal if you are prone to windy conditions.

For more information about this topic do not hesitate to call our support line on: 01202717191.


Why should I buy Gate Automation? Is it worth it?

At the back of some peoples minds there may be a thought lurking, ‘Do I really need this‘?

Here at Gate Motors we have tried to supply you with as much relevant information as we can to help you decide whether Gate Automation is the right move for you. With many pictures and diagrams showing you exactly how Gate Automation looks and works. Our Kit Diamond being shown there, and the many more we have are from our very happy customers who sent their pictures to us, have never regretted their one off purchase.

Some of the benefits of Gate Automation for example are: not only do they make your home more secure but they also add a level of grandeur and style to your home. Furthermore, they make entry to your property easier – you don’t have to leave your car in order to open the gates. Similarly, they can be opened remotely from inside your property to allow someone else entry.

We also try and help you even more with the right choice using our Gate Wizard which guides you through, step by step the exact Gate Kit that will be necessary for your own gate. This will make sure you’re not overpaying and picking the wrong kit. This information is very helpful when looking to purchase a Gate Kit:

Which Gate System Suits Me?

The following list of questions will help determine which system may suit your needs.

  • Where is the nearest power supply?
  • Single or twin gates?
  • How wide is the gate, or each leaf?
  • How high is the gate? Each model has size and weight limits, so you will need to check the each model’s datasheet (downloadable from this website) against your own installation.
  • Is the gate made from steel or wood?
  • Is the gate an open design or a filled in solid design (solid acts as a sail in the wind and therefore needs a more powerful motor)? Completely filled in wooden gates need to be may present an artificially high weight to the motor due to wind loading, and this needs to be accounted for.
  • Is the ground level around the gate, what is the rise and fall?
  • If you have a double gate would the stop be too high in the middle of the drive? It is essential to have mechanical stops in the open and closed position.
  • What room do you have around the gate hinges and posts?


We always want to help you as much as possible so do not hesitate to contact us for pre-sales advice on 01202717191.