Nice/Mhouse Gate Automation Spares and Replacement Parts

With very popular brands of automation such as Nice and Mhouse we do get customers from time to time needing replacement spares or parts. We sell a wide range of automation parts from Nice such as Nice Gate Motors, Nice Control Boards and Receivers, Nice Remote Key Fobs, Nice Photocells. Also see Mhouse Remote Key Fobs, Mhouse Safety Photocells and Mhouse spare parts.

Spare parts for motors are also available. Nice and Mhouse have exploded spare part diagrams for all of their motors so you will be able to identify exactly which parts you need. If you need us to send you these then please contact us.

If you can’t find what you’re after on our website then call us on 01202-717191 and we will be able to help you out.

Looking for a whole new automation kit? We sell many Nice Automation Kits and Mhouse Automation Kits to suit every type of gate.


FAAC Replacement Parts – Spare FAAC Gate Parts

If you’re looking for certain FAAC spares then we are able to offer a wide range of FAAC products on our website, and if you can’t find what you’re after then we should still be able to get hold of it. If one of your existing parts has gone faulty then look no further.

A popular replacement we’ve seen in the FAAC range is the FAAC 770 Motor, as the 770 range is now over 10 years old.

Replacement spares you may be after could include FAAC Motors, FAAC Remotes, FAAC Photocells or FAAC replacement control units. If you need any help with any FAAC related issues then contact us also.

Please get in contact with us.


Came Spares & Replacement Parts – Came Gate Automation

Looking for replacement spare parts for a Came product? If you have a kit already in place and maybe you’ve discovered a broken part, then rather having to buy the whole kit again we should be able to provide you with replacements/spares. We can supply Came replacement motors, Came remotes, Came control units, Came receivers, Came photocells and other spare parts.

Need motor parts? Spare parts for motors are also available. Came have exploded part diagrams for all their motors so you will be able to identify exactly which parts you need.

If you can’t find what you’re after on our website then give us a call on 01202-717191 and we will help you out as best as we can.


Sliding Gate Hardware – What You Need For an Automated Sliding Gate

Before you automate a sliding gate you will need to make sure it has got certain Sliding Gate Hardware in place. This will include materials to make sure it can move back and forth. We can supply you with track which will be fixed to the ground which the wheels will move across. The Galvanized Half-Round Drilled Track comes in 3m lengths and has a diameter of 20mm. The wheels that work with it are the Half-Round Groove Wheels which come in a pair and they can take a maximum weight of 800kg (400kg each).

Once the gate is sliding and you have chosen your desired automation kit, there is some other hardware that you will need for the gate to open and close suitably.


In the picture above you can see various bits of hardware that are all used on an automated sliding gate. On the bottom right is a Sliding Gate Limit Stop. This is used for controlling the amount of travel on the gate to make sure it doesn’t overrun. It can be installed on either end of the sliding gate.

On the top left is a Sliding Gate Upper Guide Bracket which is used as a stabilizer for the gate. It will fit onto the post as you can see above and will feed through the gate to make sure it won’t move side to side. It comes in two different versions depending on the width of your gate and can be fully adjustable.

On the top right is a Sliding Gate Safety Strike which will act as a catch which will be put in line with the limit stop. It can work in conjunction with the stop and upper guide bracket to make sure the gate doesn’t go past its limit of travel and doesn’t fall over.


If you need help choosing a kit, hardware or want anymore advice then contact us on 01202 717191.



Our Gate Motors remote keyfob bundle offers

Here at Gate Motors we have exclusive deals on most of our remotes, including brands such as Proteco, MyGate, Mhouse, Nice, Came and FAAC. The deals are a worthwhile saving if you purchase either 3 or 5.

You can view these offers on our website. If you have one of our own automation systems i.e Kit Aster, Kit Diamond, Kit Simply, Kit Blank or a MyGate automation system then click here.

If you have a Nice Automation system then click here.

If you have a Came Automation system then click here.

If you have a FAAC Automation system then click here.

If you have a BFT Automation system then click here.

If you have a Mhouse Automation system then click here.


If you have are looking for a remote from one of these brands which isn’t on our website then we should be able to get hold of it for you. If you trying to find out which remotes you already have or need for your existing automation system then get in touch with us and we will try and help you as best as we can.


Just get in contact with us.


Our new range of BFT Automation

We have finally got round to adding various motors, accessories and spare parts for BFT Automation. We haven’t actually got any of the kits so it is mainly aimed at people looking for replacement or additional parts for their existing BFT gate kit.

To start off with, our range of BFT Gate Motors has a mix of electromechanical and hydraulic, swing and sliding gate replacement motors. The straight armed hydraulic motors consist of the BFT ORO, BFT LUX and the BFT P7 / P4.5. The articulated armed electromechanical motors consist of the BFT IGEA and the BFT E5. And the sliding gate motors consist of the BFT DEIMOS, BFT ARES and the BFT ICARO.

We also have a straight armed electromechanical motor BFT PHOBOS and an underground electromechanical motor BFT ELI 250.

Every single BFT motor comes with a 2 year warranty. The first year being with us and the remaining year with the manufacturer.

We also have other spare parts and accessories such as BFT Control Boards and Receivers, BFT Safety Photocells and BFT Keyfobs & Remotes.

If you are looking to purchase a whole BFT gate kit from us or other parts we don’t currently have listed then contact us on 01202 717191 and we will be able to help you.


Daitem Wireless Intercom for Gate Automation

We have two types of wireless intercom which we supply for use with our gate automation. This consists of the Daitem SC901AU and the Daitem SC902AU. The only differences between the two are that the SC901AU has just a push button and the SC902AU has a push button as well as a keypad.

Having a keypad on an intercom system means that you can still access the gate without having to call the handset inside the property. For example if you take your family out for the day and there is no one home while you’re out to answer the intercom when you come back, the keypad will simply allow you to type in a secure digit code that you could set up to be whatever you wanted. So you can forget about remembering to bring multiple remotes to open the gates.

The ‘wireless’ part of the intercom is from the handset to the outside caller unit so eliminates underground trenching and the necessity of a very long cable. The range of the intercom can be up to 150 metre’s and can also be extended to a further 30 metre’s using the control unit supplied with the intercom. However this is in clear conditions so if you have obstacles in the way such as brick walls then it will be reduced.

The intercoms ’4 functions’ that it has in-built means that you can use it to control not only gate automation but things such as lighting and garage doors. Also available is the option of purchasing an additional handset which is great if you’d like to be able to answer incoming calls in different parts of the house.

The intercom consists of four different parts. Firstly the intercom call unit itself which will be installed on the outside of the gate, surface mounted to call the handset inside of the property. Secondly the handset which sits inside the property and has its own charging station so can be fully portable. Thirdly the intercoms own control unit which will wire to the outside intercom call unit and to the gate control board. And lastly a vandal resistant faceplate for the intercom caller unit.


Replacement Motors/Spare Parts for Proteco Kit Blank Underground Motor

From time to time we get customers call up needing spare components for either the Kit Blank, or its predecessor Kit Shark, our own branded underground automation systems by Proteco. There are actually two different versions of these which are the Old Style and the New Style. Both are not backward compatible so it is import to make sure the right style is identified. If you have purchased the kit from 2008 to present day then chances are you have the new style.

If you are unsure then below is a quick way of telling which one you may have:


Alternatively you can click on the Old Style Vs New Style Kit Blank Guide to see a full size version.



New Videx 4000 Series Intercoms on GateMotors

The Videx 4000 series of intercoms are a great solution to have for getting in and out of your property. We have put up the mono and colour video versions which include a keypad codelock. So if you come up to the gate and want to access it using the intercom without having to call the handset inside the property, you can enter a secure passcode which will open the gates.

The Videx 4000 series has a number of additional features that have been added to enhance the operation of the videokits and give greater feedback to the visitor and user.

  • Disability friendly, visual and acoustic signals from the door panel to inform the visitor of call status (call made, ringing, speak, door open).
  • Programmable door open and conversation time.
  • Expandable to 4 entrance panels (requires an additional relay for each entrance panel).
  • Connections for a push to exit button.
  • Programmable number of call tone rings from 2 to a maximum of 8.
  • Programmable timed privacy function from 15 minutes to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Door/gate open status optional LED.
  • Up to 4 videophones can be connected in parallel, all with intercommunication facility.
  • Videophones can have a maximum of two additional audio telephone handsets connected in parallel.
  • Door/gate panel camera can be adjusted horizontally and vertically (10 degrees).

The Videx mono video intercom we have put up is the Videx 4000 series 1 way mono video kit with codelock and comes in a flush or surface mounted version, and both also have a vandal resistant option.

The Videx colour video intercom that we have is the Videx 4000 series 1 way colour video kit with codelock and also comes in a flush or surface mounted version, with both having a vandal resistant option.



Our new range of FAAC Gate Automation

To gather a wider range of automation to suit all types of gates we come across, we have listed a range by FAAC, including the kits as well as just the motors. FAAC is known for its extensive range of high quality products and innovative manufacturing techniques and produce very powerful electro-mechanical motors suitable for all types of gates.

All our FAAC kits are available in a double or single form, such as the FAAC 390 Single Opener which will suit gates up to 3m in width and 300kg in weight. It has an articulated arm which may be more suitable for people who have gates installed on deep posts or pillars, or when a linear arm is not suitable or wanted. Another example is the FAAC 770 Double Opener which is an underground kit suitable for swing gates up to 3.5m in width and 500kg in weight. This is installed underneath the ground as seen in our Gallery Gate Image and is great if you don’t want to see visible motors attached onto your gate.

Many motors by FAAC include inbuilt obstacle detection which means if somebody or something comes into contact with the gate while it’s in motion then it will stop and back off. They also have an optional feature of a battery backup which means if there is a power cut then the gates will still operate on a number of cycles. These features are found on the 24v motors which can be seen on many of the FAAC Gate Kit products. Also available on selected motors is a ‘Limit Switch (LS)’ version which means you can set various limits on the travel of the motors which is great if you don’t have or want to bother about physical gate stops.

If you are interested in purchasing a replacement motor only by FAAC then have a look at our FAAC Gate Motors.

If you have any further queries about FAAC or anything else do not hesitate to contact us on 01202717191.