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Window Opener Solutions

We are now listing Window controllers, switches and solutions on our website. The Automated Window Opener Solution kit is the ultimate solution to controlling your window. The ACK4 Chain Actuator, R-Switch and the 100T Controller all make up the Window Opener which comes in a 230v or 24v version. Accessories also included are the Long [...]

Why should I buy Gate Automation? Is it worth it?

At the back of some peoples minds there may be a thought lurking, ‘Do I really need this‘? Here at Gate Motors we have tried to supply you with as much relevant information as we can to help you decide whether Gate Automation is the right move for you. With many pictures and diagrams showing [...]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors

Here at Gate Motors we only supply worm-driven motors. There are a number of reasons for this and here are the benefits and drawbacks of Hydraulic/Worm-drive Motors: Benefits of Hydraulic gate systems Hydraulics in general are more powerful than gear driven openers Hydraulics require less maintenance, all that is needed is to check the fluid [...]