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GSM Mobile Gate Opener to the Q60 Control Board Wiring Guide

Style Audio 1 way – Connection Colour Coded Here are GateMotors we have had customer inquiries about how to wire the GSM mobile gate opener to the Q60 control board. Because of this we have put together a wiring guide to try and avoid confusion when installing the GSM mobile gate opener.   Style Audio [...]

Window Opener Solutions

We are now listing Window controllers, switches and solutions on our website. The Automated Window Opener Solution kit is the ultimate solution to controlling your window. The ACK4 Chain Actuator, R-Switch and the 100T Controller all make up the Window Opener which comes in a 230v or 24v version. Accessories also included are the Long [...]

Pedestrian gate opener

The WalkyKit from Nice Automation is great for using in tight spaces and the practical articulated arm enables installation in specific conditions, such as in the prescence of small walls or obstacles adjacent to the post. The WalkyKit comes in either a single gate option or a Double gate option. Another big plus for this [...]