Safety comes first with all Gate Automation – GateMotors Safety+ Kits

We believe that all gate automation should be installed with safety in mind. With nearly all of our gate kits comes as standard, one pair of safety photocells. Photocells are a safety device and are sold as a pair. They are installed on either side of the driveway, on the inside or outside of the gates. They consist of a transmitter and receiver, and produce an invisible beam which if broken will stop the gates completely from opening or closing.

However, we at GateMotors would recommend additional safety features which can be added to any gate automation at any time. Firstly, just by adding an additional set of photocells you are going to greatly reduce the risk of the gate closing onto anybody or anything. Having a set on either side of the gates ensures nothing will become trapped while entering or exiting the property.

You can find the purchase options for additional pairs of photocells on each kit page.

Another great and easy safety solution is our emergency stop button, which will allow anybody to stop the gates in case of an emergency. This can be viewed on our website by clicking on emergency stop button.

We now have dedicated kits to ensure safety is the number one priority. For example our Kit MyAster and Kit Diamond all come in a ‘Safety+’ version which include two pairs of photocells and an emergency stop button.

Lastly, for either swing or sliding gates you can add safety edges. Safety edges will not only provide a soft gate edge, but has in-built sensors which means if someone comes up to the edges and makes contact, this will fling the gate into reverse. To view our swing and sliding gate safety edges click on swing/sliding gate safety edges.