Photocells are important!

As we have heard from recent news, electric gates can be a lethal weapon if not installed and set up correctly. Kanye West has just witnessed his £500,000 car get crushed by electric swing gates. You can read more about the article by clicking on Kanye West’s £500K Lamborghini crushed by Kim Kardashian’s electric gates.

All it would’ve taken to avoid the situation was to have photocells in place! We at GateMotors always try and recommend to have atleast two pairs of photocells, one pair on the outside of the gates and one pair on the inside. Kim Kardashian may well have had photocells on one side of the gate, but not having two pairs you are very much at risk!

Photocells are a safety device which come in a pair and are installed on either side of the driveway. They produce an invisible beam which if broken, will stop the gates from operating.