iSmart Gate Opener – Open your automated gate/garage door using your Smartphone

The iSmartGateOpener is a new technology which enables you to use your Smartphone to open your gates.

In order for you to download the application which is needed to be able to open the gates, you will need a mobile phone running on Apples iOS (for iPhone) or Google’s android operating system.

You have the option of purchasing the iSmart opener which is connected via wired ethernet or the other which has built in Wi-Fi.


There are various benefits of having the iSmart system.

In this new digital age almost all of us will go out with our mobile phone on us. This means if you have iSmart, it will never matter if you don’t have your gate remote on you. If you have a fair few residents who are coming in and out of the property, this also saves buying a remote for each of them. When you weigh up the price of a remote, and consider the fact a lot of people end up loosing them over time so spend even more on a replacement, the iSmart system is definitely one to consider.

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