The importance of Electric Locks

Electric locks can be an essential accessory when installing gate automation. Electric locks are usually required for installation on gates that are over 3m in width, as recommended by all electric gate manufacturers. The purpose of an electric lock is to keep the gate firmly shut and locked in place, as with a long gate you sometimes get play or flex at the end.

It also highly protects the motors as we sometimes come across customers needing to purchase replacement spare parts or in some cases entire motors due to someone forcing the gates open when the motors are installed. If this happened with an electric lock installed, all the force would be applied to the lock and not onto the motors. You MUST in all circumstances disengage the motors with the release key which would have been included in the original kit, before trying to manually push the gates.

To determine whether to get a vertical or horizontal lock, we usually suggest a horizontal for a single gate and a vertical for double gates as the vertical lock can be installed in the middle of the gates at the bottom as a metal base would be fixed to the ground.


We have an Electric Locks category on our website which you can find the lock most relevant to your purchase or future purchase. If it’s for a Nice automation kit for example then you will need the Nice PLA10 or PLA11 electric lock.


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