Sliding Gate Automation Kits

Need to automate a sliding gate? We sell all different kinds of sliding gate kits which are suitable for both residential and industrial installations.

Just need a standard opener? The kit MyStrike and MyRoller start from around £330 and can cope with gates of a small to large dimension depending on the model selected. The benefit of going with one of these sliding gate kits is the rack which attaches onto the gate is included in the kit, whereas the others you will have to purchase it separately. The MyStrike and MyRoller motors come with a 3 year warranty and are one of our best selling kits.


Looking for a middle to top of the range opener? I suggest you have a look at the Nice Automation brand as they have motors with additional features. Nice provide a vast range of standard to very high powerful motors suitable for gates of truly large dimensions.

An example of one of their standard openers would be the RobusKit 400. This would still come with safety features such as obstacle detection, opening and closing limit stops taking away the need for physical ground stops, and the support of a backup battery in case a power cut occurs.


Have a more heavy duty gate? The Nice RunKit can cope with a gate up to whopping 2500kg depending on the model selected.